Are you able to work when the intranet is down?


What if the intranet where you work goes down? Will you still be able to work? Will you be able to manage your daily chores? Can you find what you need when you need it?

Perhaps you can. And perhaps you might even believe that is a strength, but in reality it's not. It just means that your intranet sucks.

Too many intranet solutions at organizations of today are dispensable. They have become a "good-to-have" thing rather than a "must have" tool.

The reason for this is pretty simple; people don't use their intranet often enough. Why don't people use them? Simply, because intranets are not indispensable to most coworkers - they put their effort where it's noticed the most, and it's not in the traditional intranet.  The intranet slowly dies and the whole idea is frowned upon. "What's the use when nobody uses it?"

The real problem behind a dying traditional intranet is the realization that very few people care about it. Quite the opposite is true when it comes to its counterpart, the Internet. When you're on the Internet you know that millions of other people are also there - and naturally the whole platform becomes increasingly important. Logical, really.

social intranet is like a miniature Internet; it's your own search engine that only keeps track of what your organization knows. The secret behind a great social intranet is thus keeping it populated, and thereby frequently used for not only documentation and file storage but also discussions, analyses, and small talk.

Everything you do, write, think and say that is work-related should end up in your social intranet, searchable from one, single search bar. Only then can your organization truly benefit from the social aspects of a social intranet.

On the downside, you will probably not be able to work when the intranet goes down. This is, however, not a weakness - just a sign that your intranet doesn't suck anymore.

Photocredit: Bells Design