Are Your Business Apps Hurting Your Business Rather than Helping?


One of the wonderful benefits of technology dominating the workplace is all of the apps it’s brought into our lives. Business tools like Dropbox, Skype, Google Drive, Slack and various time-tracking tools are available at the click of an “install” button, and each offer their own take on optimizing our time and increasing productivity.

But when you have so many apps that you spend half your time toggling between them trying to remember multiple passwords or recall just where you might have saved this or that document, it can be a huge time waste. 


While business apps certainly bring a number of assets to the workplace, sometimes the saying “too much of a good thing” applies! If you feel overwhelmed by the overabundance of business apps and wonder if they’re actually hurting your business instead of helping it, you’re not alone. 

  • According to a Forrester Research survey conducted in 17 countries, the number of employees working from three or more devices and using multiple apps has risen from 15% of the global workforce in 2011 to 29% in 2012.
  • Consequently, more than 85% of CIOs and IT managers think it’s a priority for them to retire business apps that are no longer frequently used.

It’s time to stop pretending that the more apps you use, the more efficient you’ll work. That doesn’t mean business apps’ intentions are bad or wrong. There’s just a better way to leverage them and truly make your workday more productive. Here are our tips for putting your business apps better use to ensure they help – rather than harm – your workday.

Streamline Your Workflows and Collaborate More

When used properly, business apps can help you get more done, capitalize on the best technology and make things more efficient. Instead of having business apps scattered across your desktop, mobile device and browser, look for an online platform that combines all of those features into one centralized location. By bringing document collaboration, file storage, group chat and more into a single social intranet tool, you cut down on time wasted jumping from app to browser tab to portal and make it easier to collaborate and get stuff done efficiently – essential components for success in today’s economy. 


Standardize Processes Across the Organization

By bringing all of your apps into one consolidated enterprise social collaboration platform, you not only simplify your own life, but you can easily standardize processes across your whole organization. Why is this important? It decreases the chances of duplicating work, makes collaborating more second-nature and aligns expectations for employees across the board.

Unite Your Departments for Greater Efficiency

It’s rare to have a single department working like an island. Great companies combine great minds to produce great ideas – and that can only happen when experts from different departments join forces to collaborate, share and learn. When you nix disparate apps and bring your workflows and tasks into a single platform, you set up your team – and company – for success. The more you can integrate and collaborate the better!

Giving up control of long-used apps can be scary – no one ever really likes change right? But making the transition to an all-in-one, feature-rich platform can transform your productivity, brainstorming and workflows. And if you truly can’t give up all of your business apps, you can even bring them into a social intranet with seamless integrations. Incentive, for example, integrates with Dropbox and SharePoint to leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting stuff done.

Download our whitepaper “Streamlining Your Knowledge Universe and Fighting Cluttered Workflows”  

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