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Are Face-to-Face Meetings A Waste of Time?

Ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding clients and new marketing strategies is an important aspect of unifying a team. But constant face-to-face meetings in the workplace can actually interfere with the ability of employees to perform their jobs efficiently.

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How The Instant Messaging vs Email Battle is Shaping Workplaces

The modern business culture is becoming a more open and collaborative experience. The upcoming generation of workers is not only among one of the most educated, it is also one that favors transparent work duties, expressiveness, and above all, a collaborative work environment. This inclination towards teamwork has influenced subtle changes in communication preferences.

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Saving Time (and Headaches) with Standardized Workflows

As a marketing manager juggling several different tasks, it’s all too easy to overlook something important or fall behind on contacting vendors. Unfortunately, these challenges can result in wasted time at best and lost business opportunities at worst. Coordinating with other agencies, clients and freelancers on a regular basis and keeping projects and events running smoothly requires efficient workflow management. 

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Innovative Communication Platforms: Fostering Productivity with a Social Intranet


How many times in your company has a great idea been lost or buried in the avalanche of communications between employees?

That might not even be a fair question because it's probably impossible to know that number without browsing through endless blogs, emails, meeting notes, and audio/video files of project group gatherings. Yet this is often what team members find themselves doing in order to retrieve that glimmer-of-light idea recalled from a previous meeting or correspondence. 

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Incentive + SharePoint Equals a Match Made in (Cloud) Heaven

Have you heard the news? We recently announced an important integration to our platform – SharePoint. Considering one in five knowledge workers use SharePoint each day, making it natively and easily accessible through Incentive was a no-brainer.

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