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Make Local File Collaboration Easier with a Social Intranet

Managing your files and documents in the cloud is a great idea. But it's not an option for everyone - or applicable to every case. Many organizations have stringent security policies that require storing files on a local server instead of the cloud. And the practice is more common than you think.

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Incentive Fall Edition 2015 Improves Real-time Collaboration

Summer has been very productive at Incentive, a reality reflected in the Incentive Fall Edition 2015 release, which delivers heaps of new features and functionality to your favorite social intranet platform.

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Polling Power: Leveraging a Social Intranet for Fast Answers

Having the power of a social intranet at your fingertips yields many benefits - a more collaborative, productive workplace, access to all of your workplace files in a single location, the ability to search private and group chats in the blink of an eye and so much more.

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Latest Incentive Release Boasts Key Local Integrations, Updates and a New Desktop App

Have you heard? Incentive has released a new version. Allow us to present Incentive 3.8, which will kick your already efficient way of working (especially if you're an Incentive user!) up a notch. We're constantly thinking about how we can improve our platform to ensure that you and your business are equipped with the best possible tools to "Get Stuff Done, Together."

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How the Search for File Sharing Can Lead to a Social Intranet


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Supercharge Social Intranet Sharing with Quicklinks

Sharing updates or statuses has been around on social media for almost a decade. There are quite a few differences between "sharing" and a "share" in the world of enterprise collaboration tools. I know - it all sounds the same, but read on for a deeper dive into how your social intranet can supercharge sharing to really get stuff done with a smart little feature we call the "quicklink."

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Get the Picture: Sharing Photos on Your Social Intranet

Enterprise social collaboration platforms are great for making work more social - it's in the name, after all. The technology enables teams to interact more freely, work together more easily and share documents, files and - yes - even pictures.

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The Smarter Way to Manage Social Collaboration Notifications and Get More Done

As more and more businesses and teams adopt social collaboration tools, they begin to reap the perks of working more collaboratively. Among the chief benefits is seeing the waters of their internal email floods recede.

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Communicate and Collaborate: Incentive Spring 2015 Focuses on Real-Time Team Chat and Automated Task Management

Incentive Spring 2015 is here - just under the seasonal wire (c'mon, summer doesn't officially start until June 21) - and with it comes a complete package of our updated enterprise social collaboration tools to enable you and your coworkers you get way more stuff done than you ever thought possible.

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Now's the Time to Consolidate Your Enterprise Social Networks onto a Single Platform

Do you have an enterprise social network (ESN) in your organization? You know, like an internal Facebook or Twitter of sorts, where you collaborate on work initiatives. If you do, you're one of the early adopters, driven by real-time, knowledge-centric communication.

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Product Managers’ Communication Pet Peeves to Avoid

Product managers often find themselves serving as a lynchpin within an organization. Responsible for product road mapping, decision-making, development and testing, product managers frequently act as the middleman between executive leadership, developers, design teams, engineers and test groups. They shoulder a great deal of responsibility, and effective communication is key to the success of the product – as well as the organization overall.

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How to Work with Feeds In Incentive

Sometimes, collaboration is really easy. Take feeds, for example.

A feed is a simple data format designed to bring you updates as they happen. In short, a feed brings you the news without you having to seek it out on web pages or in search engines. One common format is the RSS feed, which is standard on most websites.

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5 Communication Fails Sales & Marketing Teams Should Avoid

All of those group projects we did in school did have a point – when we work collaboratively, we accomplish more. Sales and marketing teams working in concert contribute to the overall company goals of increased sales and better profits. Unfortunately, many organizations miss the mark in this regard by failing to make this goal a priority.

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Choosing between a Private Chat and Open Discussion in Incentive

Deciding when to discuss a topic in the open where everyone on a team or in a department can chime in or via a private chat can sometimes be a tough choice when using social collaboration tools like Incentive. One of Incentive's main goals is help users concentrate only on what's important -- and filter out what's not -- to enable them to get more stuff done on a daily basis.

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Working with Apps in Incentive

Incentive provides a number of tools that enable teams across organizations to Get Stuff Done Together (you might have seen that a time or two on our website). These tools are organized within Spaces, which are areas where people gather around a common subject such as a department, task, project, or another topic.

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New Incentive Apps Make It Easier to Get Stuff Done

While we've moved to a quarterly product release schedule at Incentive, that doesn't mean that product updates get put on hold between our major updates. 

Incentive Winter Edition 2015 introduced product enhancements and new apps like private chat and one-click cloud installation. And Incentive Spring Edition 2015 - which is right around the corner - promises to deliver additional functionality to let you to get more stuff done, together.

As we continue to work away on new, innovative aspects for Incentive Spring Edition 2015, we're rolling out a number of Incentive apps and functionalities to help whet your appetite for the great things to come.

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How to Effectively Work with Spaces in Incentive

Everything in Incentive belongs to a Space. These are areas where people gather around a common subject, whether it's a business department, a task, a project, or something else with a common denominator.

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SharePoint Integration with Incentive: Seamless and Complete

We’re happy to announce the public beta program for Incentive’s seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint - which means that from now on you can find everything you need inside your organization, on a single socially powered collaboration platform, Incentive.

With the beta program, users will have access to the full functionality of SharePoint within Incentive. Our integration brings original SharePoint content into Incentive rather than mirroring folders or importing and copying content.

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Introducing Incentive Winter Edition 2015

What better way to celebrate 2015 than with the release of a new update of Incentive? Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce Incentive Winter Edition 2015.

Today’s launch of Incentive’s Winter Edition 2015 introduces a new release schedule here at Incentive. We plan to offer four major release a year, calling them Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn release.

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New update brings feeds and tasks to Incentive

It's time for another monthly Incentive update. Today we give you Incentive 3.3, an update that brings some brand new features that will make your life even easier.

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The bright future of Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration is not just a fancy thing; one might even claim that it's not fancy at all - video's been around the Internet for many years and so has collaboration. 

The thing, however, is that video conferencing and all other professional video services have so far been to difficult to both setup and use. Still - correctly used - video is a very powerful tool for internal communication that can uncover hidden talents and business opportunities we would not have been able to spot otherwise.

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Los Angeles is the most interesting tech startup region

Since we moved Incentive to the US we have constantly been asked - why Los Angeles? We gave a brief answer in this blog in May 2013 and another more lengthy one in December.

Today, we can look back upon our choice as a very wise one. Several industry experts have since praised the so called SoCal-area as being one of the most interesting tech startup region in the US, and even among the top in the world.

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Why video conversations are so important in social business software

With the latest release of Incentive 3.3 we introduce the amazing technology called WebRTC and a new feature called Video Conversations.

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Social Intranet Readiness Checklist #6 - Would you benefit from a Google of your own?

Earlier this spring, we published a Social Intranet Readiness Checklist that you can apply on your own organization to check whether you are likely to benefit greatly from a social intranet or not.

If you've answered 'yes' to at least one of the six questions, your organization is probably ready for a social intranet solution. If you collected more than just one 'yes', you should definitely look for a social intranet solution as soon as possible.

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A social intranet does wonders to your company culture

Many organizations understand the ineffectiveness of email overload. Some organizations also realize the power of storing all knowledge in a single repository and being able to retrieve it from one single search bar. And further, a few organizations have grasped that a social intranet is a remedy to all of the above.

But how many organizations have understood how powerful a social intranet is when it comes to strengthening your company culture? Have you?

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