Ensure You’re Reaping the Business Benefits of a Social Intranet’s Super Universal Search


Over the course of just a few decades, Google has gone from an unknown to a household name to a widely used verb. Now, “Googling” and people’s compulsive behavior to search for everything online controls the way we work…and some of our personal interactions. 


Unfortunately, in a work setting, most things aren’t organized enough to make searching within company resource and platforms very effective. In fact, did you know that knowledge workers spend about 16% of their time searching for buried company documents and information?

When time is money, that’s a huge loss of productivity and profits! It amounts to an average of $7,000 per employee each year to be exact. It’s clear that having the ability to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for can not only save you from frustration, it can actually save money as well.

This is why the idea of an intelligent universal search and the positive impacts it can have on your business have us so excited. Here are three ways to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your social intranet super search within your organization, regardless of company size or industry.

Consolidate Everything On One Platform

Forrester Research has found that the average number of platforms and business apps that employees use has been increasing over the years, leading to ineffective workflows. For intelligent search to be as powerful as it can be, it’s important that your organization consolidates all of its work onto one platform.

When work is spread across an employee’s personal desktop, email folders and a company server, a search function is rendered useless. You need to keep, share and collaborate on documents all in the same place so a search encapsulates all available information. A social intranet breaks down information barriers; information that was once siloed on email, desktops, servers, Dropbox and other platforms can now be safely secured and stored in one place. 

an-important-document-is-lost-in-the-office-forever-thumb What’s in a Name?

Just having all of your work dumped onto one consolidated location doesn’t mean you’ll magically be able to find it! (That’s a shocker, right?) Title or label documents, conversations, spreadsheets and emails appropriately so you or a colleague can easily find them again. Agreeing to a company-wide naming system for oft-repeated documents (like press releases, status reports and agendas) is a helpful approach.

A social intranet like Incentive will even allow you to add keywords in the form of ‘tags’ to a content piece to highlight certain words to help with future searches.

Putting the “Smart” in “Smart Search”

Even if you fudge naming documents correctly, the great thing about an intelligent search function is that it truly is smart enough to bring up documents related to search terms you’re using. Intelligent search is even powerful enough to mimic some parts of machine learning and will recall information and documents based on your patterns of behavior. This means it takes into account what ‘spaces’ you normally work in or who you collaborate with the most and will bring up information relevant to those behavior patterns 

Some of the most recognizable and measurable benefits that come from universal search and an improved ability to find what you need, when you need it are increased sales, decreased time answering inquiries and requests for help, the need for fewer help desk employees and the simple fact of having more time to focus on tasks that add real value across the organization.

Reducing the amount of time your employees spend looking for information isn’t rocket science. By implementing a social intranet and following the above steps, you’ll be well on your way to improving workflows and increasing productivity.

Test out Incentive’s intelligent search function for yourself with a free 45-day trial.