How Social Intranets Make Document Collaboration the Center of Your Team Strategy


The social intranet has been a huge leap forward in terms of real-time communication and collaboration, but some solutions have sometimes lacked a sense of cohesion and focus.

But that’s no longer the case with our new version of Incentive.

The latest iteration makes document and file collaboration the center point of the user experience. While that might like a minor benefit that a social intranet can deliver, but wait—there really is more. With document collaboration as the focal point, employees can better communicate with each other and get more stuff done.

Productivity.jpgLet’s check out a couple of ways document collaboration transforms work and serves as the hub of your team’s strategy.

Single Platform

We’ve often said you can put platform fatigue to bed with a social intranet. With a single platform, your employees have all the tools they need, including document collaboration, blogs and wikis, chat and even task management, in one place.

That means employees don’t have to remember complicated passwords or keep multiple tabs open. They can focus on their work thanks to a social intranet that powers real-time communication and collaboration with coworkers and finds files and information easily and quickly.

If you don’t think that’s is a game-changer, think back to the times you’ve had multiple documents open to get a single task done. Check and mate.

Version Control

Projects go through many stages before reaching their final states. Employees can use some sort of numbering system to keep projects and files organized, but ask any one of them, and they’ll likely say the process leaves much to be desired, particularly when working with teammates. There often isn’t a consensus on naming the final version. When people make edits to various version and keep track by adding their initials to the file name as they make changes or offer input, naming conventions can get even more out-of-hand.


It’s all a bit much, which is why we’ve taken care of organizing files and documents. Now everyone involved on the project knows which file is the most up-to-date. In fact, Incentive offers a single version of the truth – users create one document that they collaborate on and make edits to with teammates. They can even track versions to see who made which edits to previous versions. It’s simple and efficient, not to mention a welcome reprieve for employees and project managers.

Feedback and Edits

Our document collaboration feature also more effectively manages feedback and edits – all in a single location. It’s a huge benefit. Information isn’t lost to the inbox, which often seems to act more like a dryer. Where did that email go? No one knows. It’s the case of the missing sock all over again.

It also means more real-time information. Employees aren’t left waiting for feedback and edits; at least, they aren’t left waiting as long. As an added bonus, feedback and edits can be shared with the entire group or an individual. It’s a great way to manage the team—you can share praise and feedback publicly and maybe even criticism, too, when it’s warranted, but you have the option of keeping it (and the documents and files themselves) private.

Task Management

In some collaboration tools, you can only create and assign tasks. It’s helpful in a way but not exactly freeing.

Incentive approaches task management differently. With the platform, you can create, assign and prioritize tasks as you’re working on an asset. This means you can set up a task without leaving your current workspace or having to open another application.

You can also connect tasks to people, as well as projects, individual documents, files and messages. What does this mean in a nutshell? You and everyone else can find the information you need easily and quickly, not to mention seeing how the individual pieces connect to the whole. You can even go to the start page (our version of a homepage) to see only your assigned tasks.


Conversations usually happen in some sort of pop-up window or other interface. In Incentive, all conversations concerning a document are featured in a side panel. Think of it as a sort of “find all conversations” function for documents.

Employees can share the document and corresponding conversations with other team members, both those inside and outside the team; work together on edits; discuss strategy; or send an emoji. We believe workplace socializing should never be a distraction, so end users can hide the panel any time they wish.

Social collaboration is about getting things done. With a social intranet like Incentive, you can. It gives focus to your efforts by making document collaboration the center of your team strategy. It also creates cohesion. Everything connects to everything else so that nothing is lost or siloed.

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