How to Convince Your Boss You Need a New Social Intranet


Employees have long petitioned their bosses for new perks and improvements around the office. Weekly happy hours, flex hours and a better coffee selection might make the short list. But one of the most important changes you can lobby for at work is an improved company intranet that positively impacts your bottom line.

When most people hear the word “intranet,” they think of an antiquated, clunky old office tool that was a burden to use. That was Intranet 1.0. We’d like to introduce you to Intranet 2.0 – the social intranet that can change how your organization gets stuff done and delivers countless business benefits.

Ultimately, the best way to convince your boss that your organization needs an updated and more relevant intranet solution is to present the business benefits, and tie them back to the bottom line. After all, money makes the world go round right?


Some bosses might be so disillusioned with the failure of the intranets of old that they’re hesitant to implement something that sounds exactly the same. Don’t let them fall into this way of thinking.

We know confronting the boss is never easy, especially when a new expense is involved. Here’s a little cheat sheet to help guide your conversation and get your boss on board with a new and improved intranet.

1. Increase Retention Rates

With the economy back on its feet and “The Talent Wars” in full force, retaining employees has never been more important. It can be difficult to cultivate loyalty when Millennials jump ship every two years and employees are increasingly gaining the upper hand.

A social intranet makes the new employee onboarding process more engaging, culture-centric and empowering. A social intranet-centric onboarding process makes employees feel immediately at home and increases loyalty to the company. Additionally, a social intranet gives employees a tool to improve camaraderie and form office friendships, both of which have been shown to improve employee happiness, retention and productivity.

2. Improve Cross-Team Collaboration

We’ve all experienced the headaches of working with other teams and departments. Everyone has their own unique systems and workflows, and sometimes it can be hard to sync up in an effective and productive fashion. A social intranet nips that problem in the bud by getting everyone on the same platform, using the same tools. It makes it easy to share documents, feedback, edits and ideas, no matter where you are in the world or what team you’re on.


3. Stimulate Innovation
Uniting an organization’s entire braintrust on one platform not only improves collaboration, it also encourages innovation and new ideas. And innovation drives a company forward and keeps it competitive. When everyone has access and insight into projects taking place across the entire company, they gain valuable knowledge and connect dots that can stimulate new ideas they might not otherwise have thought of.

4. Reduce Costs
And finally, what will bring it all home. Cost is usually the reason bosses turn down ideas and proposals.


Well, what if you could tell your boss that implementing a new social intranet will actually save your organization money (not to mention make your boss look like a rock star)? Because a solid social intranet incorporates several needed business features and tools into one consolidated platform, it eradicates the need for multiple apps, accounts, passwords, workflows and bills associated with having myriad disparate platforms to get work done.

We’re confident that you now have the tools needed to convince your boss that a social intranet can transform your organization. You’ll soon be on your way to a successful social intranet implementation after presenting these key business benefits.

Still need more convincing? Review our free social intranet readiness checklist with your management team to get them onboard.