How to Effectively Work with Spaces in Incentive


Everything in Incentive belongs to a Space. These are areas where people gather around a common subject, whether it's a business department, a task, a project, or something else with a common denominator.

Incentive users create Spaces to easily update others. Whenever you're a member of a Space, you automatically get updates about what's going on and can join relevant discussions and collaborations, or just follow them to keep updated. You can even create your own personal Space where you're the only member, perhaps to keep track of projects, drafts, or files that would otherwise be scattered around. Like making your own desktop within Incentive itself - it's always reachable.

Whenever you create a Space, you are the Space Owner, or Space Admin, if you like. You can later add more people as Space Owners for that space, but the Space Owner alone makes changes that affect the overall attribute to a Space, for example, its name and whether it should be read-only or even hidden and not show up at all for those who are not members of it.

Inside a Space, things look similar to the view you've gotten used on the Incentive Start Page. There is a News Feed with the latest shares, comments, and changes, and an Activity Stream that tells you what others in your followers list have been up to.

The real strength of Spaces does not derive just from the fact that people can share stuff with each other, but in the powerful use of Incentive Apps. An App is a built-in tool that is installed in a Space. These can include a Blog, a Wiki, a Photo Album, an RSS Feed, a Task List, or other smart ways of getting stuff done inside your Space. Only members of a Space have permission to add Apps to it, which is the whole point of joining a Space - working collaboratively and creating value to Get Stuff Done.

All Apps within a Space are listed to your left, and you can sort and group all Apps any way you want. Maybe three or more Apps belong to a certain key account and need to stay together. In that case, you easily drag them on top of each other and name the newly created group. And you're done.

Slowly, a Space grows - it gets more members, content, and discussions. At a certain point, it might be too big to contain everything and still be manageable. In that case, you can reorganize content and move it to another Space or maybe even create a new one. Regardless of where the information is moved or how many times, all content within Incentive is still indexed and can still be found just as easliy through a simple search.

We've built Spaces to be as flexible as possible. Some companies use similar functionality to divide content from different departments and create silos in Sales, Marketing, HR, and other teams. Other vendors are more creative and choose to build a Space around every project or every opportunity, challenge, or prospect that an organization faces.

In Incentive, Spaces are there to use in any way you like - in a way that actually helps you and your colleagues Get Stuff Done. For real.