How to Engage and Entertain Employees for Greater Profitability


It might not be high up on the list of priorities for companies, but ignoring how engaged—or unengaged—your employees are, could be a significant factor in what’s dragging down your business. Sure, profitability, and operational efficiency is super important, but what you may not know is that employee engagement is a huge contributor to both of those values. Employee loyalty, company spending, productivity and office culture are all influenced by how engaged workers feel at the office.

Unfortunately, less than 30% of workers feel engaged at their jobs. with Millennials being the least engaged demographic surveyed.


Considering Millennials are rapidly becoming the dominant age group in workplaces, this presents a big problem for employers. So, what can be done? Is improving employee engagement a lost cause for the non-Googles of the world? And what does engaging employees even look like anyways? You ask good questions and we hope we can answer most of them. Our favorite definition is that “employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” When you engage your employees, by recognizing their efforts, helping them build camaraderie and creating a good culture, you help them care about the work they’re doing – and not just for the paycheck. This means they’re more likely to exert “discretionary effort”, leading them to go above and beyond their basic duties and positively impact business outcomes.

We think that with a social intranet in your toolbox there’s plenty of hope! Let’s delve into specifically how a social intranet can help you improve on things that will increase employee engagement – and give you better business outcomes.

1)   It Helps Employees Build Camaraderie

An important contributing factor to having engaged employees is camaraderie. It’s been found that employees with office friendships are more productive and are less likely to leave their jobs. Considering how expensive it is to replace an employee it’s in a companies best interest to make their workers feel like they have a good social life at the office. A social intranet can help do just this. The platform functions just like a personal social network tool like Facebook or Twitter. It allows users to have personal profiles, hashtag, tag people and private chat. All of these features of social networking enable employees to build community and develop relationships.

2)   It Creates a Platform for Recognition

The Smarter Workforce Institute found that employees who are recognized for their efforts at work are less likely to quit and 76% more engaged at work.


The Institute also found that technologies including mobile and social could be effective ways to recognize employees due to their interactive, frequent and immediate means of communication. Social intranets of course have that social element, and most platforms are mobile friendly as well making it the perfect platform for delivering recognition to hard working employees to increase engagement and satisfaction. 

3)   It Communicates a Culture that Millennials Value

Keeping Millennials happy should be a top priority for organizations. The demographic will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025 and they have the highest turnover rates making them a financial burden for most companies. Fortunately, a culture that respects Millennials and makes them feel at home has a better chance of retaining top talent. A social intranet helps create that culture. The social UX of the platform also fits with Millennials’ expectations of a work environment and communicates a culture that they feel comfortable with, helping them feel more engaged.

With more and more people turning to freelance work, and competition for great talent becomes more competitive, employers can’t afford to overlook employee engagement. If you want to experience how Incentive can improve employee engagement first-hand try it for free for 45 days – no strings attached! 

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