How to Escape SharePoint Hell: Top 4 Ways A Social Intranet Can Improve SharePoint


SharePoint is frequently criticized and the butt of many office jokes usually centered around inefficiency and wasted money. 


With 80 percent of all Fortune 500 companies using SharePoint, it must be doing something right.


According to popular opinion, not so much. SharePoint is often described as clunky, difficult to manage, too expensive and ineffective.

However, when used correctly and optimized with a few simple features that make it easier to use, adopt and manage, SharePoint can be a powerful tool for your organization. There’s no need to throw the baby out with the bath water when there are just a few simple tweaks you can make to capitalize on a resource your company has already invested a lot of money in.

Read on to learn the top four ways an enterprise social collaboration tool can supercharge your SharePoint installation and help you escape from SharePoint hell.

1. It Makes Search Easy

According to a report, the average employee spends almost two hours a day trying to hunt down information. When you combine SharePoint with a social intranet that contains a powerful search function, your company information is more easily indexed and findable. This ultimately saves hundreds of hours of employee time across each team, in turn making the entire office more productive and efficient.

2. It Makes Your UX More Collaborative

Collaboration is a must-have in today’s workplace. It’s how innovation happens and how employees feel fulfilled at work. Although SharePoint struggles in this area, adding a social intranet layer to the platform can significantly improve the way employees interact with each other and share information and ideas. Enterprise social collaboration enables team members to easily comment on, share, like and notify the right people about new projects, topics, documents and ideas that are being circulated.


3. It Leads to Better Organization

One of the benefits of a good social intranet is that it brings everyone in the company onto one platform. This can then be ‘divided up’ into topics, departments, areas of expertise and projects. It’s like having a folder organization system that’s completely social and collaborative, making it easier to share ideas and get work done. With Incentive, for example, employees can join different “spaces” – such as the “marketing space” and “sales space” – to stay up-to-date on any relevant information and collaborate with other subject matter experts.

4. It Gives You Back Control

A frequent complaint about SharePoint is that it’s so cumbersome, it’s virtually impossible for the average employee to make any tweaks or adjustments, leaving any customizing in the hands of IT pros or SharePoint administrators. A social intranet makes controlling different settings and customizing your platform simple and available to the masses. No fancy degree or certifications required!

We understand the frustrations of SharePoint but think that with a few simple adjustments, you too can learn to love SharePoint again. When you combine SharePoint with a social intranet platform, you might start to see it in a new light.

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