How to Work with Feeds In Incentive

FeedAppSometimes, collaboration is really easy. Take feeds, for example.

A feed is a simple data format designed to bring you updates as they happen. In short, a feed brings you the news without you having to seek it out on web pages or in search engines. One common format is the RSS feed, which is standard on most websites.
Feeds also play a central role in Incentive. Whenever someone you're following has an update, whatever he or she does will end up in your News Feed.  But did you know it's also possible to bring external feeds into Incentive from various sources that utilize common feed formats, such as RSS, Atom, or others?

For example, you might have a favorite human resources magazine that you enjoy reading online. The publication posts all of its articles on its website, but it's tedious to copy and paste all those articles to a Space or Wiki App in Incentive (not to mention, it might also be illegal).

An easier way to get all of those articles into Incentive is to add a Feed App in your Space - and group it with whatever project or Apps are a good fit.

Adding a Feed App in Incentive

Adding a Feed App is as simple as adding any other app in Incentive. Simply navigate to the Space you want to add in, and look for the "Add App" button. Helpful tip: if you don't see the "Add App" button, it usually means you're not a member of that Space. Once you join it, the button should appear.

In the App Library, look for the Feed App and click on it. You'll be prompted to fill out a short form. Give the app a name, description and appropriate icon, and finally, the source URL for the feed itself. 
So, what's the source URL? The source URL for a feed is the web address that enables the feed to bring the content to you automatically. This is the address your Feed App will check regularly to deliver all of the valuable information to you while you're busy doing more important stuff. Every feed has a unique address, and most websites present their source URLs, most often using the RSS icon, which would look something like this: 


On our website,, we present our source URL like this:

And that's it! You will have to wait a few minutes - half an hour at the longest - before your new Feed App has scoured the site for feed content. After that, you should regularly see new content in your Feed App from your source websites – just click on the Feed App or look on your start page in the Activity Stream, where all results from feeds (and other apps) are presented.

Feed Apps can be used for pretty much anything you want. Besides news, the Feed App is a good way of staying up-to-date on competitors, who most likely have feeds on their own websites, or your industry at large. Websites can also use feeds to present new publications, such as surveys, white papers or other material.

Whenever you find a website with material and content you find interesting and don't want to miss, look for the feed and bring it to Incentive through a Feed App. If you find out later that it wasn't as interesting as you'd hoped, you just delete it. 

Happy reading!