Incentive 4 Is Here, and It Makes Document Collaboration Easier than Ever

It’s an exciting day at Incentive headquarters! We just launched Incentive 4, our new product version that makes document and file collaboration easier than ever. We’ve been working tirelessly to make this update the best version of Incentive yet, and we’re thrilled to finally share it with our users.

Incentive 4 is a complete reimagining of our social intranet platform. We overhauled the user experience to make it more intuitive and social. We added some new features, enhanced others and made it even more powerful than ever.

But even more important, you can now get it for free. That’s right – free. Our new pricing structure means teams with up to 15 users can enjoy all the benefits of social collaboration for free. If you need more users – and more capabilities – our “Professional” package is just $9 per user per month and includes the full suite of features.

We know you need more than just chat to get your work done. Bouncing from one app to another isn’t productive – and it does a number on your ability to remember all those passwords. With Incentive 4, we’re offering a single platform that has all the tools you need to communicate with coworkers, collaborate on projects, find files and information and interact with other teams. As such, it helps you “Get Stuff Done.”

 So what makes Incentive 4 the best version of our social intranet?

  • Document Collaboration – With documents as the focal point, Incentive 4 makes it easier than ever for employees to work together. Simply create a new blog, wiki, photo gallery, poll, meeting notes or task board within each team’s or project’s space. Employees have the ability to share feedback or edits, with the added bonus of avoiding version control issues and confusion about which copy is the most up-to-date.

  • Real-time Communication – Private conversations and chat rooms are now easily retrievable via a side panel. Users can instantly communicate with colleagues – whether privately or in a group – while looking at a document, image, task or any other file in the main window. Employees can easily switch from private messages to a group chat room, or see who’s online.
  • Task Management – Now, users can add tasks for themselves or others on the side panel of any asset they are working on or viewing – wiki, document, photo, you name it. With tasks connected to anything within Incentive – from people to projects to individual documents, files and messages – users can find what they need simply and intuitively. Tasks can also be prioritized by dragging them up or down, and users can conveniently see all their tasks on the start page.
  • Events – A brand new feature, users can now manage meetings, brainstorm sessions, tradeshows and other events. Users can schedule and edit event details, RSVP, add attachments, make comments or see the list of attendees. With this new feature, employees can easily find events relevant to their projects or interests, promoting cross-team collaboration.
  • Enhanced User Experience – The new look and feel lets users quickly and conveniently see what they’re working on or interested in and is fully customizable to each business’ brand. A new side panel features all conversations about a document, so employees can easily share it with other people, work on edits, discuss strategy or simply send a thumbs up emoji. Side panels and menus can easily be hidden to skip information that is not relevant to a user or avoid unnecessary distractions.

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