Incentive Fall Edition 2015 Improves Real-time Collaboration

IMG_0750_1124Summer has been very productive at Incentive, a reality reflected in the Incentive Fall Edition 2015 release, which delivers heaps of new features and functionality to your favorite social intranet platform.

Incentive Fall Edition builds on the "real-time collaboration" story we've been telling throughout 2015. We continue to improve upon and add advanced, easy-to-use features with the functionality of stand-alone apps - such as messaging, document management and wikis - that are delivered on a single platform you can access from a browser, your desktop or a mobile device. With a single sign-on that provides access to an entire wealth of collaboration tools, Incentive helps you and your team "Get Stuff Done, Together" - all in one place and in real time.

This is Incentive Fall Edition 2015

One of our favorite new features in the Fall Edition is the Windows File Server Integration. This new integration enables organizations using Windows File Servers to securely access and collaborate on files on their local servers natively within Incentive. Considering Windows File Server has about 75 percent market share for x86 operating systems, we're pretty excited about the positive impact and increased convenience this will bring our users. With one-click integration, companies that have a complex network structure or require strict security standards can easily search for, access, discuss, share, comment, like and collaborate on local files, as well as get updates whenever the local files are edited, right in their Incentive News Feeds. 

Other features in the new release that will improve real time collaboration include:

  • Closed Spaces: These new Spaces are private areas for collaboration that are visible by anyone, but only accessible by members of those Spaces.

  • Polls: A new feature that enables you to ask a question and define pre-stated answers for your community.

  • Autosave: As soon as you start editing a document, Incentive will save your drafts continuously to ensure no work is lost and make document collaboration more efficient.

  • Strengthened Search Function: Incentive’s smart search engine now provides sharper relevancy and prioritization of items to help employees quickly discover information they need to work more efficiently.

  • Web Notifications: You can now receive notifications directly in your web browser for real-time updates.

  • Enhanced User Experience: With new layouts for its member and group directories and the ability to change colors and add a company’s logo, you can customize Incentive however they want. A new, easy-to-use drag and drop feature also makes working with documents more efficient by enabling users to drag images right into the editor of a document without needing to upload them first.


Incentive users can download the latest upgrade here:

Our hope is that these features will continue to improve our users' ability to collaborate and work together, while simplifying their workflows and business processes. If you're not already an Incentive user, download the 45-day trial here to experience all of our amazing new features first-hand: