Incentive + SharePoint Equals a Match Made in (Cloud) Heaven


Have you heard the news? We recently announced an important integration to our platform – SharePoint. Considering one in five knowledge workers use SharePoint each day, making it natively and easily accessible through Incentive was a no-brainer.

With the integration, users can search, view, edit and collaborate on SharePoint files within Incentive – not mirrors or copies, but the original files – plus all the social and collaboration benefits Incentive offers. It’s a win-win.

Our team here at Incentive recently attended the SPTechCon event in Austin, Texas. The theme of the event was “SharePoint at the Crossroads,” which was spot-on for what most attendees wanted to discuss: the cloud options available to them.

With so many SharePoint users moving to the cloud, the future will bring new challenges for organizations. How do businesses maintain control of an installation that’s now in the cloud? How can moving to the cloud enhance productivity? And what do workers need to know about this new way of social and collaborative working?

Today’s workforce is used to the social interface – think Facebook and BuzzFeed. Clunky user experiences are a thing of the past, so shouldn’t this social experience be applied to where we work?

However, navigating SharePoint is typically thought of as a cumbersome experience. In fact, a survey found that nearly half of all organizations using SharePoint rely on IT to deploy, configure and launch the application, as well as train business users.

This is particularly true when it comes to searching for files in SharePoint. If you don’t use the appropriate metadata to tag and organize content, it can take ages to find what you’re looking for, resulting in wasted time and lost productivity.

Incentive aims to solve these issues with our recent SharePoint integration. With a social look and feel, employees are able to quickly adopt Incentive with minimal ramp-up time or training – not to mention it enables improved collaboration between teams.

Additionally, Incentive features a powerful, Google-like search that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for within the platform. All SharePoint files and folders are indexed and searchable with Incentive’s advanced, algorithm-based intelligent search.

Incentive also provides secure and reliable private and hybrid cloud options powered by Microsoft’s Azure. Check out Incentive in the Windows Web App Gallery here:

Adding a layer of social collaboration to SharePoint can help enterprises to work, share and communicate more effectively and efficiently. We’re excited to help SharePoint users reap these benefits.

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