Communicate and Collaborate: Incentive Spring 2015 Focuses on Real-Time Team Chat and Automated Task Management

photo-app-3Incentive Spring 2015 is here - just under the seasonal wire (c'mon, summer doesn't officially start until June 21) - and with it comes a complete package of our updated enterprise social collaboration tools to enable you and your coworkers you get way more stuff done than you ever thought possible.

As social enterprise tool adoption continues to grow at a steady clip, companies are beginning to learn that bringing that technology into the workplace can only get you so far - and not all tools are created equal. Even the experts agree.

“With the emergence and upward trend of technologies that enable a truly social experience in the workplace, businesses can improve collaboration, communication and productivity,” says Alan Pelz-Sharpe, research director, social business at 451 Research. “Incentive’s all-in-one social collaboration platform is well thought out and easy to use, and it represents an interesting alternative to businesses that are seeking to refresh their intranets with something more modern for today’s social workforce.”

And we know the true key to enterprise collaboration success is that modern social workforce is enabling you to work together in real time, all the time. When you need an answer, odds are you need it NOW, not in a few hours. And Incentive Spring 2015 has some new features that will help you achieve just that.

Real-time collaboration - all the time

Incentive has a number of new and enhanced features to add to your real-time experience, delivering the following benefits:

  • Communicate with your coworkers through Conversation Rooms - like being in a meeting without moving from your desk.
  • Chat in real time or communicate through video - without any installations - in any browser.
  • Conversation Rooms are always easily accessible for fast questions or advice.
  • Work is task-centric. Receive notifications in real time when you are assigned, when task are due soon, and know instantly which tasks are active right now.
  • Never miss out on a meeting. Get notified in real time whenever you're mentioned in a meeting note.
  • Sort out what's important and archive anything that's not currently relevant to keep the most important tasks, rooms or shared items top-of-mind.
  • Turn off discussion notifications that no longer concern you to avoid information overflow.
  • And remember...everything is archived and saved in Incentive for future reference. Never forget, miss or misplace anything again. Ever. 

Get stuff done with faster, easier task management

We've added a Tasks App to Incentive, delivering the following benefits:

  • Take a dual tasks approach: Assign tasks directly to specific spaces, or get a quick overview of your own tasks from the start page.
  • Add hashtags to each task, enabling you to categorize and sort tasks in various ways, such as status, priority, subject or any other way you want.
  • Quickly add tasks. No over-complicated forms - write the task, assign someone (with @), add hashtags (with #) and hit enter, all on a single line.
  • Never again use your email software as your task manager. Let tasks become an integral part of your daily work, not as another stress moment.
  • And remember...everything is archived and saved in Incentive for future reference. Anyone can see what you are working on (if you give them permission).

Incentive Spring 2015 also includes enhanced integrations with Dropbox and SharePoint that enable users to share files and documents in one place without having to switch tabs or platforms, making collaboration and working together even easier. And the new Book App makes it easier to organize and share longer, more extensive documents such as manuals essays, instructions and policies, complete with chapters and bookmarks. We also launched a Photo Album App that makes picture sharing and organization easier, more efficient and social.

As always, Incentive combines all the enterprise social collaboration features teams need to be more efficient, capture individual and collective knowledge and collaborate within a single, secure platform. All data is saved, indexed and easily retrievable with a smart search engine, so users can instantly locate and act on everything they need to "Get Stuff Done." With everything in one central location, employees save time spent switching between multiple browser tabs and platforms to improve productivity.

With the social business applications market expected to grow from $13.9 billion in revenue in 2014 to $37 billion by 2019, according to a recent report by 451 Research, the time to start using Incentive is now! Learn more about how Incentive's document collaboration feature enables you to get more out of your documents and files.

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