Incentive Weekend Highlights about Social Collaboration #2


Again, the weekend is coming soon - as usual we recommend 3 articles around social collaboration - this week we would like to share a checklist to help you benchmark your intranet and insights about employee engagement as well an overview of the digital workplace in 2014. 

1. 9 types of content every intranet should have
Written by Andrew Wright
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Why you should read: A checklist with valuable content types an efficient intranet should have. If you're looking for a new intranet solution, these 9 types of content are worth considering before you make your decision. 

2. The digital workplace 2014: Plight and promise of today's employees
Written by: Dion Hinchcliffe
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Why you should read: A summary of the digital workplace 2014 you shouldn't miss.

3. Gallup's workplace Jedi on how to fix our employee engagement problem. 
Written by Marc C. Crowly
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Why you should read: Employees are disengaged in America today - because of the way they are beeing lead. Read 4 essential things managers need to do if they wish to improve employee engagement.