Introducing Incentive Winter Edition 2015


What better way to celebrate 2015 than with the release of a new update of Incentive? Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce Incentive Winter Edition 2015.

Today’s launch of Incentive’s Winter Edition 2015 introduces a new release schedule here at Incentive. We plan to offer four major release a year, calling them Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn release.

The overarching theme of Incentive Winter Edition 2015 is “All In One Place” – our way of battling the dreaded “platform fatigue” that is currently plaguing businesses around the world.

With Outlook, SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, Basecamp, Mavenlink, Skype, text messages, instant messenger, multiple email, team meetings, off-site brainstorming sessions, scrap pieces of paper – your company’s formal (and informal) knowledge base is spread across more applications and programs than you could possibly keep track of.

With Incentive, your company’s entire knowledge base can be standardized and consolidated on a single socially powered collaboration platform. Platform fatigue = gone.

New in Incentive Winter Edition 2015

Private Chat Rooms

See a list of the people you follow and immediately know who's online; click on their name and start chatting instantly. All conversations are stored and indexed in Incentive and can be revisited by users who took part of the chat. No more internal email floods. No more asking yourself, “When did I say that, and to whom...?” It's all in one place.

Secure File Sharing

The new Files app lets you store files of any kind in any space in Incentive, hidden or open. Files and folders can be moved and shared with other users. Share files in any comment, chat room, or conversation in Incentive's collaborative environment. No more outspread file storage or wondering if a file is safe on a certain server.

Enhanced Video Conversations

While we debuted video conversations through WebRTC in November 2014, this release features a few enhancements. Video conversations is still in a beta stage, but it can be used by anyone with a web browser that supports WebRTC. Video conversations does not require download or installation of any third party software, updating any libraries, or installing any server software – and you can use it both in mobile and desktop web browsers.

One-click Cloud Installation

Incentive can be installed both in the cloud or on your own local server. And with Incentive Winter Edition 2015, it can be launched Incentive in just one click. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, we’ve developed a solution that enables you to register an Incentive account and start running. It's all in a private cloud, safe from prying eyes.

Of course, all of Incentives key features are still there – wikis, social networking, intelligent search, spaces, activity stream, and more – to help your organization Get Stuff Done. Together.

Take a look around our key features and sign up for a free 45-day trial to see how Incentive can help your team and organization teams and organizations work better, smarter, and faster.

Not sure and want to find out about cross-team collaboration? Download our eBook Outlook, SharePoint, Dropbox, Oh My! Streamlining Your Knowledge Universe and Fighting Platform Fatigue.