Latest Incentive Release Boasts Key Local Integrations, Updates and a New Desktop App


Have you heard? Incentive has released a new version. Allow us to present Incentive 3.8, which will kick your already efficient way of working (especially if you're an Incentive user!) up a notch. We're constantly thinking about how we can improve our platform to ensure that you and your business are equipped with the best possible tools to "Get Stuff Done, Together."

Among many other great updates, including a desktop application and an autosave feature, Incentive 3.8 offers a convenient integration with your local file servers!

This is huge news for your productivity! The capability to integrate Incentive directly with your private network enables you to access all your local files directly from Incentive - which is, of course, where you'll be collaborating on those files anyway. This means that Incentive can not only brag about integrations with cloud storage services like Dropbox that enable users to work with outside solutions, but now, it has the capability for users to continue working in a traditional file server environment. You can also simply upload your files directly to a file storage app in Incentive. All three options are possible, thanks to Incentive's flexible platform solution.

Key Incentive 3.8 Features

This isn't the only feature we're excited about in Incentive 3.8. The new version has a host of updates that further help customers collaborate from anywhere, at any time - and it's sure get anyone's productivity humming! These new features mean you can now install Incentive as a desktop app (making it easier than ever to quickly boot up Incentive), write and edit with more confidence with our new Autosave function, and get even better search results with our enhanced universal search engine. 

Here are some of the key updates in Incentive 3.8: 

  • File Server Integration App - Access your a local file server directly from within Incentive. Now you can keep working in a traditional server environment, but still have the benefits of Incentive. 

  • Incentive Desktop Application - Run Incentive as a stand-alone desktop app to take some pressure off your web broswer. For example, you can have Incentive run on computer start-up so you can jump right in when you start your day. (Download here.)

  • Desktop Notifications in Browsers - Never miss a beat with real-time notifications in several standard web browers.

  • Autosave Feature in the Editor - The new autosave feature minimizes catastrophes and allows you to work and edit text with the assurance that it's safe from deletion. 

  • Enhanced Search Engine - Get even more relevant results from searches, weighted items and much more with an improved universal search function that will help save even more time when searching.

  • Active Directory Sync - Have Active Directory and Incentive communicate directly with each other so that a change on one side affects the other.

  • Custom Color Logo Header - We get it, not everyone loves our Incentive blue, so customers can now customize their header colors.


Our ultimate goal with these feature updates, as always, is to help you be more productive and tackle the pain points your business experiences on a daily basis. Current Incentive users should try out these new features now. Download the upgrade package here. It's really simple!

If you're not a current Incentive user, stop missing out on all this awesomeness! You can try Incentive for free for 45-days, and see firsthand how our features (both new and old) can help you transform your business and the way you work!