Make Local File Collaboration Easier with a Social Intranet

File-Server.jpgManaging your files and documents in the cloud is a great idea. But it's not an option for everyone - or applicable to every case. Many organizations have stringent security policies that require storing files on a local server instead of the cloud. And the practice is more common than you think.

But storing files locally - and the accompanying security policies - is no reason that your organization shouldn't implement and collaborate via a social intranet. With a platform like Incentive, you can integrate your social intranet with your local file server - and easily access your files and collaborate around them with comments, streams and feeds.

The Value of Collaboration in Today's Workplace

Incorporating a social intranet into the modern workplace delivers real benefits and value across all teams and departments. Putting collaboration - and document collaboration especially - at the center of work processes helps workers better share knowledge, breaks down information silos and even increases productivity. A social intranet also helps spark innovation and even reduces costs, so a platform like Incentive that delivers a social user experience on a local file server set up can help a number of organizations reap the benefits of collaboration.

ToyStory-Collaboration.jpgA local file server has many advantages to managing files versus storing items the cloud (surprising, right?). It's easier to make frequent backups - and your data is centralized, making it simpler to both control and assign permissions.

Also, many organizations have a structure that makes it difficult to leave a local file server behind, with references criss-crossing the entire business. A complex Active Directory setup with permissions and rules could be tough to migrate to the cloud - not to mention that a local file server is in many instances much faster than a cloud solution, simply due to the fact that it often sits in the same building as its users. Downloading a 2GB document from a file server is often a much faster experience than trying to access it in the cloud.

In short, keeping the local file server may be the smartest choice for many organizations.


Handling Local Server Files - And Those in the Cloud

The beauty is that social intranet platforms like Incentive can handle both cloud solutions like Dropbox and local file servers within the same environment. You can easily set up a folder from both Dropbox and your server and collaborate on files in both in a similar way. Users can even manage files directly in Incentive - the choice is truly yours.

All local server files that are integrated with Incentive are indexed in the same manner as everything else. That means you'll find them in a simple search from within Incentive, even though they still reside on your file server. You can also write comments, share them in feeds and streams and even tag them for reference.

Incentive is a social intranet that handles all your business information in a single repository. No matter if your files reside in the cloud or on a local file server - or in Incentive itself - you should always be able to easily find them and work with them.

Incentive is based on the belief that internal workplace communication should be a social and collaborative experience.

To learn how one global organization integrated a social intranet into its workflows while adhering to its stringent security standards, download our case study now.