Make Working Remotely a Breeze with These 4 Results-driven Tips


With huge Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Deloitte and IBM leading the way, it’s clear that the modern workforce is becoming increasingly remote.

While working remotely often gets a bad rap, it’s estimated that between 30 and 45 percent of employees in the U.S. telecommute at least part-time. An annual survey by the Society for Human Resource Management “found a greater increase in the number of companies planning to offer telecommuting in 2014 than those offering just about any other new benefit.” For those who aren’t already working remotely, a whopping 70 percent of employees say they want to be.


With everyone catching the “work-from-anywhere” bug, it’s important that companies stay ahead of the curve and learn how to equip their employees to deliver stellar results – even when they’re not shackled to their cubicles.

The rise in cloud-based business tools is helping pave the way for successful remote work teams. Here are our top tips for helping you deliver results for your business, no matter where the workday takes you. 

Accessibility from Anywhere

When your work takes you from office to office or simply to your home office, it’s important to have instant access to your team’s documents and information at the click of a button. A social intranet makes that possible by bringing all of your work into one consolidated, cloud-based location. Documents, files and even subject matter experts are not only easier to find, collaboration is simpler across the board when users can chat in real time, plus share, comment on and even edit documents on the platform, with the added flexibility of work from wherever without sacrificing results or efficiency.


There’s an App for That

To the bane of just about every parent’s existence (at the dinner table, at least), we’ve become incredibly dependent on mobile devices. Employers, however, are embracing this trend. While the majority of work isn’t done from smartphones (yet),  the ability to access your entire work portfolio – not just a handful of files – from your phone often comes in handy when emergencies arise, especially for remote workers. A social intranet platform with an accompanying mobile app helps you look like a hero without sacrificing timeliness or productivity.

Create a Productive Work Environment

Sometimes the allure and appeal of working remotely outshines the reality. Sure, there’s the lax dress code, but it can be a lonely endeavor. A well-used social intranet, by nature, helps ensure that employees collaborate and interact regularly via group and private chats – even video chats – document sharing, comments and other interactions. Remote workers could also rent a desk in a collaborative workspace, heading to a coffee shop once in a while or even replicating your own right from your home to get the feeling of a regular off while free from the confines of their cubes


Make Time for Collaboration

Working remotely can easily lead to a decline in social connections, as well as a collaborative spirit. You know the drill – days on end in your pajamas, and your only venture out of the house was to the grocery store. To help escape these tendencies, remote workers need to build in time to connect with teammates and intentionally brainstorm and collaborate. Being on video chat might help cure them of the pajama habit, too – at least from the waist up.

A social intranet or enterprise social collaboration tool is non-negotiable for empowering a remote workforce. Enterprise social networking, document collaboration, instant messaging and private and group chat features are all combined into a consolidated, cloud-based platform accessible from any place at any time, ensuring you can continue to deliver great results – no matter where you are.

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