Microsoft Azure gets thumbs up from Europe’s Data Protection Authorities


Microsoft's service for enterprise clouds, Azure, has just recently gotten thumbs up from 28 of Europe's Data Protection Authorities.

What it means? It means that Microsoft Azure has met Europe's standard for privacy - and the same goes for services onboard.

Incentive has been a part of Microsoft Azure for a year and a half now, and we're happy that the 28 DPAs came to this conclusion. What it means is that Microsoft will not have to seek approval of every individual DPA in order to write enterprise cloud contracts.

Now, Incentive is a social intranet platform that is commonly installed behind your own firewall - but it works of course equally well in Azure or any other cloud service. The point is not that you have to install it on your own server, but to give you control over your own level of privacy and security.

Microsoft Azure is one of the first cloud services to get this approval from Europe’s Data Protection Authorities.

This is a quick guide to how to use Incentive in Azure: