New update brings feeds and tasks to Incentive

It's time for another monthly Incentive update. Today we give you Incentive 3.3, an update that brings some brand new features that will make your life even easier.

Bring order with a to-do list

The Tasks app is a simple way to add a to-do list to a space in Incentive. Tasks are added like any other item in Incentive and can be assigned to people, given a due date and you may of course check a task to indicate that it has been completed.


"Why can't I just use any to-do list app?"

The Tasks app does not only help you organize your daily worklife - it's also tightly connected to everything else you do in Incentive. Compared to the many other to-do list apps out there, you get a solid and coherent experience in Incentive - every task is indexed and searchable and instantly connected to a social context.

A Tasks app can be added to any space in Incentive and therefore it's possible to keep different to-do lists for different business purposes, and together with different people.

The Tasks app in Incentive is very simple and straighforward, but also very powerful.

Import your favorite RSS-feeds

rssbuttonLots of important stuff is available through feeds, for example articles, file lists, blog posts, Facebook

By adding a feed in Incentive you automatically import information that is relevant to you. The Feed app lets you add a news feed from various external sources that use RSS or Atom.  events, or any other chronological updates.

"Why can't I just use any RSS reader for that?"

Compared to other RSS readers out there, you get a feed that is brought into the Incentive framework directly. You may not only view new items from within Incentive, but it's even searchable and may help others when they look for similar information - it's relevant knowledge imported to Incentive on a regular and automatic basis.

Each feed resides within a space of your choice and you may add as many as you like; one Feed app handles one, single feed. Entries from your feed are updated automatically but you may also add (or delete) entries manually. Incredibly useful - and easy.

Smaller things that make your life easier

  • Hover your mouse pointer over a number of likes to see who liked that particular item.

  • Log in using either your username or your registered email.

  • You always have a handy search form in your sidebar menu (below your profile picture)

  • The editor we use, TinyMCE, is updated to version 4.1.6.

Incentive update 3.3 can be downloaded (with full changelog) from here.