No More Wayward Files - New Dropbox and Incentive Integration


Have you heard the news?  Incentive now integrates with Dropbox, a common file sharing app for both businesses and individuals. Today, more than 300 million people around the world use Dropbox to store and share files among friends, family and even co-workers.

As much as we love Dropbox's ability to share and store files, the app's inability to enable discussions, comments and true collaboration around those files and folders prevents users from really getting the most out of it.

That is, until today and the launch of the integration with Incentive's enterprise social collaboration platform. Integrating Dropbox and Incentive helps users get the best of both worlds - file sharing and storage coupled with collaboration.

Why are Incentive and Dropbox a perfect match?

In Dropbox, you work with folders that contain files. In Incentive, you work with Spaces (your "work areas") that contain Apps (your "tools"). Wouldn't it be great if you could combine those two so that you can keep tabs on ALL files and ensure that no file ever goes astray, regardless of how many are scattered throughout various systems and accounts? Well, now you can.

With Incentive's Dropbox integration, you link your Dropbox account to an Incentive App, and choose a folder to share in that particular Space. After that, you can see a complete list of all the files from that Dropbox folder, conveniently presented in your project Space in Incentive. The true benefit of this integration is that you can add any Dropbox folder you want to a Space in Incentive and let users access its content. Plus, files and folders are completely searchable from Incentive, just like native Incentive content.

Something to note: the actual Dropbox folder is shared in Incentive, but people cannot delete, move or modify Dropbox files from within Incentive. You still have to access Dropbox to perform those tasks. Incentive adds a much greater value to Dropbox by bringing its content (from various accounts, users and owners) to one, single location and making it accessible to a number of relevant users and stakeholders.

What does Incentive add to your Dropbox experience?

  • Any folders in a Dropbox account are shareable within Incentive.
  • Users can discuss, share, comment, like and collaborate around your Dropbox files, just like native Incentive content.
  • Dropbox content behaves like native content in Incentive with seamless integration – REAL integration.
  • Dropbox content is automatically searchable and found within seconds with Incentive's smart search engine.
  • Updates to relevant Dropbox files automatically show up in your Incentive Activity Stream.

Incentive's Dropbox integration is available immediately. Sign up for a free 45-day trial to see how Incentive – and Dropbox – can help your entire organization Get Stuff Done. Together.