Once People Ask "Why?" Rather than "How?" You've Won


At Incentive, we deliver an enterprise social collaboration platform with a feature set so rich that users have access to all of their knowledge, information and communication in a single location, giving the organization complete to connect, communicate and collaborate. Users don't have to wander outside of Incentive for additional programs or rely on unapproved or unsafe services to "Get Stuff Done, Together."

And while that sounds easy enough, a feature set only takes you so far. Most companies - sometimes us included - talk a lot about cool features. But the features aren't what gets more stuff done. No, what actually makes us more efficient is an understanding of the common goal and why this way of collaborating - via an enterprise social platform - will get us there.

Why ask why?

Following our years of experience assisting organizations all around the world in establishing their company collaboration platforms, we've come to learn that THE most important insight when it comes to successful implementation is ADOPTION.

When we focus on the "why's" - the benefits of working collaboratively across an enterprise - instead of the bells and whistles, we've been hugely successful at getting users to really engage and commit. To truly adopt a solution rather than just try it.

Engaged users who understand the common goal and greater purpose will ask for specific features later. This is exactly how the "giants" such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft do it - they launch, listen and adjust. While you think you know what's needed as additional features, there's something powerful about listening to the users. They ask, and you build, establishing a strong relationship.

So that's what "adoption" means?

"Adoption" is the buy-in and belief that the solution you're providing makes people's workdays better and more efficient. However, adoption is not achieved through features - it is achieved through telling the story of why they should do something and everyone working together to achieve a common goal. Adoption doesn't happen by itself - it needs strategy, it needs metrics, it needs nutrition from Sr. management and the interns.

What is the common goal?

The common goal is the big reason WHY an organization is doing something. In the case of collaboration and working more efficiently, that's a pretty great goal. But it's not the big GOAL. In our case, the big goal is to create a preserved memory of the organization, to protect the collective brain trust and intellectual property of the company. We want to create a preserved memory you can search - forever. To keep knowledge intact and preserve what your organization really knows.

We like to use the phrase "What if you could Google your own company?"

We don't mean develop a new search engine. What we mean is creating a complete ecosystem in which your users connect, communicate and collaborate - all in one place AND stored in one place. A big, centralized, easy-to-use repository with the complete knowledge of your organization.

Each user spends on average 16 percent of their time each week just searching and gathering information - so give them back some of that time for more productive things!

Incentive is replicating the social user experience of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels into an enterprise social collaboration platform. Users recognize the experience and feel comfortable - so YOU don't have to train them in HOW and can instead focus on WHY.

That's adoption.

Want to see just how good winning can feel? Give Incentive a try click: Freemium version and see what happens when people start asking "why" instead of "how." Connect, Communicate & Collaborate.