Polling Power: Leveraging a Social Intranet for Fast Answers


Having the power of a social intranet at your fingertips yields many benefits - a more collaborative, productive workplace, access to all of your workplace files in a single location, the ability to search private and group chats in the blink of an eye and so much more.

But, a social intranet is only as good as its users. If no one within your organization really invests time and energy in the platform and is willing to give as much as you take, it simply does not work.

One key way of giving back to your social intranet community is to engage with your teammates and coworkers. This often comes in the form of answering questions - somebody needs help, information or maybe they're simply seeking advice on a particular subject. They ask a question, others answer - it's as simple as that.


Or is it? We sometimes encounter challenges with questions because we have no control over what people feel like answering. We often hit roadblocks when asking for opinions on things, getting a variety of answers ranging from "oh, this is nice," to "I don't know," or even "why?" Then, there are the long rambling answers that are difficult to decipher.

Sometimes, asking a question actually creates more problems than it solves, putting us back at square one, which is not the goal of our social intranet efforts.

While open-ended questions and queries will always be beneficial for a number of projects and issues, there are some ways to smartly limit the reply options for other questions. We're talking about creating a poll. With a poll, you can make sure there are only a few available answers and avoid having to make sense of various random replies. In fact, having too many choices can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unhappy.


Instead of just asking, "What color do you like?" and sharing it, the poll feature enables you to select a few answers for the respondents. People can still comment on the poll with any alternatives, but you get the answers you need from a select pool of options - quickly and efficiently - without having to tally answers.

The secret to getting fast answers in a social intranet is to both give people the option to express themselves - and steer them toward giving you what you need. With a polling feature that enables you to quickly ask for input without unnecessary details, you get the best of both worlds.

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