Put Platform Fatigue to Bed with A Social Intranet and Streamlined Workflows

bad-day.jpgEmployees are tired. They’re tired of passwords. They’re tired of separate platforms for every feature. In fact, they’re so tired that it’s difficult to get any work done.

sleepyjohn.gifFortunately, hope is not lost. You can put platform fatigue to bed and rise and shine to above-average productivity. The secret is to find and use the one platform that streamlines workflows and integrates with other needed tools and applications – a feature-rich social intranet.

What’s My Password?

A Cornerstone OnDemand survey finds that workers are overwhelmed by both information (40 percent) and technology (27 percent).

It’s not a surprising result. Just think about how many times you’ve gone to one of your so-called productivity tools and been logged out.

“What’s my password again?!” You type in a few variations. No luck. You scrounge around for that one scrap of paper with all of your logins scribbled on it, eventually give up, and begin the process of resetting your password for the umpteenth time.

complicated-password.jpegEveryone Has Platform Fatigue These Days

It’s a scene that’s far too familiar across offices of all sizes. Everyone has platform fatigue these days. People want to get things done, but it seems like the tools and applications meant to help accomplish the goal are counter productive.

As a result, workplace productivity goes down. Not only do employees lose time to the plethora of platforms, but they also lose it to frustration. It’s hard to shrug off the emotion, particularly if you get stuck in the infinity loop of username/password resets.

But organizations of all sizes are waking up from platform fatigue with the help of social intranets and their all-in-one place functionality.

The Social Intranet to the Rescue

A social intranet is one of the tools that can, as Cornerstone OnDemand says, “simplify the chaos, facilitate the new world of work and close the gap between the types of technology organizations provide versus what employees truly want to stay productive and perform at their very best.” Password and platform fatigue, be gone!

As an example, Incentive's social intranet offers enterprise file sharing and document collaboration. The two features blend seamlessly together, enabling employees to work with peers any time, anywhere and on any device. It also consolidates a number of workflow applications, which empowers teams and departments to get more done.

work-productivity.jpgA social intranet can also be used to share internal processes and company vision, which ensures standards, builds corporate culture and streamlines workflows. Employees aren’t left waiting for replies as they sometimes are with email communications. They have the answers to their questions right at their fingertips and not siloed within private files.

Plus, a social intranet powers collaboration, inside and outside the organization. Coworkers can chat privately or with their teams. They can also use wikis and blogs to share what they’ve learned or best practices they’ve discovered.

And that increases productivity. A study from Ipsos and Microsoft finds that 46 percent of workers have benefitted from social media use in the office. And more than one-third (37 percent) of respondents believe they could do their job better if the organization was more onboard with the use of social tools in the workplace.

Streamlining Knowledge and Cluttered Workflows

Consolidating applications is only one piece of the productivity puzzle. Platform fatigue might have been put to bed, but a bit more work needs to be done to rise and shine to workplace productivity.

Cluttered workflows don’t automatically disappear through adopting a single platform. Rather, they disappear as employees are trained in how to best use the platform, in this case, a social intranet. They can figure out much of that work themselves—a social intranet should be user friendly—but it’s always helpful to offer trainings and tips. It amps up productivity and establishes a positive relationship between management and staff that’s been scientifically proven to motivate employees to “go the extra mile.”

extramile.gifIt’s also important to invest in employee support and satisfaction—it can produce a 12 percent spike in productivity. A simple way to accomplish the goal is to ask for their feedback and insights. Perhaps a team member has stumbled onto the Holy Grail of productivity – encourage him or her to share that knowledge. It gives them an opportunity to set themselves up as subject matter experts.

From Platform Fatigue to Platform Productivity

Platform fatigue’s time has passed. It’s time to put it to bed with technologies that streamline workflows. With a social intranet, you can consolidate applications and share knowledge in real time, which improves business processes and procedures. The end result is less frustrated and more engaged and productive employees.

And all the world rejoiced! Well, at least within your organization.

Want to learn more about how a social intranet streamlines workflows for enhanced productivity? Check out our eBook “Streamlining Your Knowledge Universe and Fighting Cluttered Workflows” today!