Reclaim Your Day from Email Overload with These 3 Social Intranet Hacks


Some are proclaiming the slow but impending death of email. When it changed the world and the way people communicated in the '90s, its eventual demise seemed unfathomable.

While email can be a great tool, more and more people are realizing its shortcomings and becoming frustrated with it. Slow response times and issues with transparency among teams, protecting IP or easily finding specific information can make email cumbersome. This is especially true in a fast-paced environment where quick turnaround and collaboration are of utmost importance. And we won’t even talk about volume…

A recent study found that 80% of emails are a total waste, draining energy and time from your employees. To quote the average cheesy infomercial: there has to be a better way!


That’s where a social intranet comes into play. A shift in how you conduct your daily routine might sound scary, especially because email has become second nature, but it can bring a lot of benefits to your workday and to your organization overall. Here are three key ways that you can reclaim your day from the dreaded email overload.

1. Wow Your Boss and Clients With Faster Turn-Around

A big problem with email is that it doesn’t allow for any real-time engagement, and it kills productivity by making you play the waiting game. Even though you know the recipient might have opened and read your email, there’s not much you can do (without sending several follow-up emails) to speed up their response.


When you transition to a social intranet platform, however, things become much more fluid, and people are more connected. Social intranets enable users to easily have a conversation, follow up on feedback with someone and move work along by pinging them on private chat or in comments.

2. Increase Innovation With True Collaboration

It’s estimated that 40% of employee time is spent reading internal emails that don’t even apply to them. Why does this happen? Think how often you include people on emails they don’t really need “just in case.” This thinking is the culprit of clogged inboxes and wasted time sifting through emails looking for relevant information. It’s inefficient and, worst of all, it’s a roadblock to true collaboration.

Social intranets allow you to tag people by group, department and subject, ensuring that only those who need to be part of the conversation are looped in. Even better? A social intranet’s universal search function enables anyone to join a conversation at any time, so even those who want to chime-in late can easily find a subject of interest – not so easy to do with emails on a local system.

3. Save Time With Improved Search

We’ve all been there. Important documents (and too many versions of them!), information, feedback and more are all buried in our cluttered inboxes, and we’re pulling our hair out trying to find that one little thing we need. A McKinsey report found that the average employee wastes 1.8 hours a day searching for information – and you'd best bet a lot of that ineffective searching happens on email.

Social intranets solve this problem by moving your workload and communication away from email. The ability to tag different pieces of information helps categorize everything properly, and a powerful intelligent search function that takes your engagement patterns into consideration helps you find it far more easily.

Nobody likes change, and email has been part of our work day (and personal life) for so many years now, it's hard to imagine a world without it. But just hear us out – a social intranet can make you more productive and will have you rethinking your die-hard dedication to email.

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