Rickard Hansson talks Incentive on Microsoft Channel 9

Last week Incentive's CEO, Rickard Hansson, visited the U.S. and Microsoft's HQ in Redmond, Washington.

While there, he visited Microsoft Channel 9 and participated in the podcast Web Camps TV - presenting how to best make use of Incentive, a social business software for enterprises.

Brady Gaster and Cory Fowler are the two hosts of Web Camps TV, and talk about new products every week. Hansson did not only show the benefits of Incentive, but also how to customize it with Microsoft WebMatrix 3 and how to improve and extend Yammer, if you've already deployed their activity streams in your organization.

Incentive is one of few social business applications featured in Windows Azure Web Sites and one of the highest rated ones in Microsoft Web App Gallery.

Have a look at this week's episode of Web Camps TV here:


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Web Camps TV on Channel 9
Download Incentive from Web App Gallery or Windows Azure