Searchable and direct conversations in Incentive 3.2? Check!


Incentive 3.2 is out!

And we bring you a brand new feature, called Conversations. What you get is a new way to sendprivate messages between 2 or more people in Incentive.

Why Conversations?

Incentive is a great way for organizations to become much more effective and keep internal emailing at an all-time-low. All knowledge is stored in a central repository and is yet instantly found by a simple search.

But...there are instances when people need to converse directly and privately with each other. What to do?


We've learned that some organizations use external services, like Skype, Google Hangouts - or even Facebook, in order to converse directly. And that works, but it's hardly private.

And more importantly - these conversations are not part of the organization's knowledge sphere - in a way they are "lost forever".

Conversations in Incentive are 1) private and 2) as searchable as anything else - providing you were a part in the conversation, of course.

How does Conversations work?


In the upper right corner of Incentive you find the Notification icon, as before.

Left of it - in the shape of an envelope - you find the Conversations icon. Click on it and youre taken directly to the Conversations area.

Conversations are made out of Messages. Click New Message to start a Conversation with someone - and you're set. All your Conversations are stored in the Inbox to the left and once you're done with them you can send them to the Archive, where they don't bother you anymore - but are of course still retreivable.

Anything else in Incentive 3.2?

Well, yes - among smaller changes we've added the following:

  • 2 new built-in apps: Docs and Meeting Notes.

  • A very convenient view for comparing changes between different versions of documents, blog posts etc.

Where can I get it?

The latest release of Incentive can always be found here - or at Windows Web App Gallery orMicrosoft Azure.