SharePoint Integration with Incentive: Seamless and Complete


We’re happy to announce the public beta program for Incentive’s seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint - which means that from now on you can find everything you need inside your organization, on a single socially powered collaboration platform, Incentive.

With the beta program, users will have access to the full functionality of SharePoint within Incentive. Our integration brings original SharePoint content into Incentive rather than mirroring folders or importing and copying content.

How does it work?

Incentive integrates with SharePoint in four different ways:

icon-searchEverything done in Incentive gets indexed and is forever searchable from one single search field. It's like having your own Google search engine for information within your company. Incentive indexes all your SharePoint files and folders and delivers search results from that content.

You can also filter search results for SharePoint content only, making it easier to find SharePoint content in Incentive than within SharePoint itself.

icon-other-appsSharePoint folders can be added to Incentive like any other app that belongs to a Space, a working area around a project or department. By adding a SharePoint folder as an app, you not only have all knowledge in one place, you also get a good overview of all information available from different sources.
Your organization can of course still work in SharePoint from time to time - that's the whole point with this integration - but everything you do is also shown and integrated into Incentive.

icon-collabOne of the strongest features of Incentive is the way you can collaborate on anything. People can comment, share, like, and notify each other about topics that interest them - and easily filter out anything that hinders efficient work. Content from SharePoint is no exception.

News Feed Updates
icon-updatesTo really gain momentum from integrating SharePoint with a social collaboration tool like Incentive, there should be a good way of knowing when information is updated and added to your SharePoint installation. Incentive’s News Feed notifies you whenever any changes take place in a SharePoint folder.

The News Feed is there for your convenience; if you don't need it, simply turn it off or ignore it. In other cases, it's a great way of keeping track of an organization’s complete knowledge from one, single place – the Incentive collaboration platform

Eager to get started with Incentive and SharePoint?

Then sign up for the public beta program.


This is what it looks like