Social Intranet Readiness Checklist - Are You Ready To Work Smarter?


At Incentive, we talk a lot about working smarter - but how do you know when and if your organization is ready to work smarter?

To answer this simple question: Are We Ready? - we have put together a simple Social Intranet Readiness Checklist.

If at least one of these six things apply - you are ready. If more than two things apply - you should look for a social intranet provider now!

This is how you know if your organization is ready for a social intranet:

  • Would you agree that your company's greatest asset is the knowledge of your employees?
  • Have you ever experienced heavy loads of internal e-mailing for daily routine matters?
  • Do you often cooperate with coworkers, partners or customers that are far away from where you are?
  • Do you have a previous bad experience of traditional intranets that were either confusing or seldom used?
  • Is it important to you that you own your own business critical data and keep it safe?
  • Would you like to be able to search your company for knowledge from one single point-of-entry?



We answered yes to all six of those questions; that's why we eventually started developing Incentive...

During the next couple of weeks we will share our thoughts around the questions above, why they matter in the future working environment.  

Incentive hosts an event in Santa Monica today, called More Smart Working - read all about it here: