Struggling with a Social Intranet User Guide?


Before rolling out your social intranet you need to prepare a social intranet user guide or policy for approval by management. Where do you start? It's easier to just go with what you know and write all the don'ts... But is that really a good way to engage employees to contribute content on your social intranet? No. Write what they can do!

Help them do what they already do today in one place and move that to a social intranet. It can be a report, article, project description, etc. Provide a user guide that encourages your colleagues to start using their new tool. 

In case you’d like a simple checklist of characteristics, here’s the simple formula for a user guide/policy: 

  • Keep it short and snappy - ensure the length isn't daunting so an average user will actually read it!

  • Leave out legal stuff - keep it "human;" the legal stuff is already covered in the corporate policies.

  • This policy is only a suggestion - add/remove update as you please

  • Split it into two articles - Policy (why) and Best Practices (how).


Want to get your hands on a concise and easy-to-use template for Social Intranet Policies and Best Practices? Just let us know (send an email to, and we'll e-mail it to you, or ping us @IncentiveInc on Twitter. 

Photo credit: Florin Gorgan