Take the Mess out of HR Workflow Management


People are your organization’s most valuable – not to mention costly – asset. So, it makes sense that you’d want to be getting the most you can out of them, right?


A lot has changed over the past several years in the office environment – which, of course, affects human resources (HR) and HR management. Business processes have changed, workforce demographics have shifted, organizational structures are being rethought, and the meaning of collaboration itself is taking on new shades.

With so much changing so quickly, HR can find its workflow management in a state of disarray. Too much paperwork? Check. Outdated training documentation? Check. Misplaced forms? Check. Lost intellectual property (IP)? Check. Disorganized files? Check! Check! Check!

How has your HR department responded? Is it stuck in the past, or is the team adapting to these changing times and responding appropriately?

Making sense out of the mess can seem like a lost cause, but there is a simple way to organize your HR workflow and ensure your best assets are being taken care of. HR departments are adopting enterprise social collaboration to solve their HR management messes and “Get Stuff Done.”

Here are three easy ways that enterprise social collaboration can set your HR team up for a pattern of success.

1. Whip That Paperwork into Shape

HR requires enough paperwork to make your head spin. Enterprise social collaboration enables your HR department to keep all of its records, forms and paperwork straight and stored in one centralized location. Team members can access files from any device, no matter where they are, and easily share them with new employees for simple document management. And because it’s all based in the cloud, you never have to worry about a crashed or stolen computer eradicating all of your records!

2. Turn Everyone into A Social Committee Member

Being social at work is good for productivity! It’s good for your health and makes employees feel more engaged and satisfied in the workplace, too. HR is tasked with making employees feel welcome and nurtured in the workplace and creating a sense of community. An enterprise social collaboration platform provides an area where employees can engage with one another online, creating bonds and good rapport with little effort. It’s like a business-oriented Facebook for your office – but less distracting and more productive! 

3. Make Onboarding Employees a Breeze

Onboarding new employees is a major component of any HR department’s responsibilities – and is arguably one of the most important. It sets the tone for incoming employees and plays a large role in first impressions and retaining top talent. Training and onboarding processes are notorious for being tedious, boring and – dare we say – outdated.

With the growing amount of Millennials in the workforce and intensifying fights for top talent, your old-style onboarding won’t fly anymore. Not to mention, who wants to deal with the mess of binders, handouts and other paperwork that goes along with training processes? Implementing an enterprise social collaboration platform transforms your onboarding into something engaging, social and exciting for new employees, while saving you the headaches that come with more traditional processes.

Enterprise social collaboration alone won’t save your HR department from the mess of jumbled workflows. Truly transforming your HR management into an agile department that is meeting the needs and desires of the changing workforce will also take a shift in mentality and overall approach. But, implementing a more social, feature-rich intranet tool is one of the first steps in the right direction!

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