The bright future of Video Collaboration


Video Collaboration is not just a fancy thing; one might even claim that it's not fancy at all - video's been around the Internet for many years and so has collaboration. 

The thing, however, is that video conferencing and all other professional video services have so far been to difficult to both setup and use. Still - correctly used - video is a very powerful tool for internal communication that can uncover hidden talents and business opportunities we would not have been able to spot otherwise.

Tiffany Wiman from IBM explains this in a great article:

"As organizations look for improved ways to communicate and collaborate, video is a powerful tool for increasing engagement, understanding and worker productivity. But many still look at video as something that is difficult to create, especially when compared to emails, documents and presentations. To effectively integrate video into their overall enterprise content and collaboration systems, organizations should encourage casual and informal video content creation. When a business creates a culture where video based content isn't seen as a unique and strange thing but a common and valuable tool for communicating and sharing information, workers will feel encouraged to take advantage of videos to improve collaboration and communication."

And we're not just talking YouTube-videos here, but video conversations or broadcasts that are integrated directly - without hazzle - into the social intranet or any other collaborative solution that is broadly used within an organization.

"Additionally, it is vital that businesses take advantage of social networking capabilities. Video content in a social context goes well beyond putting marketing videos on Facebook and YouTube. For effective enterprise use of video, organizations need to integrate video with internal collaboration and social networking tools and need to have social capabilities such as tagging, following, and sharing directly built-into their video platform."

At Incentive, we recently released a new conversation feature we call Video Conversations, which is a feature built upon WebRTC-technology. It's still in a beta stage, but fully functional between two people in Google Chrome.

WebRTC allows us to run Video Conversations within Incentive with absolutely no plug-in or any other installations whatsoever. All you have to do is to click OK to give your web browser access to your camera and you're ready to go.

Read more about Video Conversations here: