The Compelling Reasons Your Organization Needs a Social Intranet – NOW!

If your organization isn’t using a social intranet yet, what are you waiting for?! Yeah, we’ve heard the age-old excuses that intranets are clunky, confusing, outdated and ineffective, but the fact is none of those reasons hold water any more. The new social intranet has so much to offer employees and companies looking to increase collaboration and productivity. 

You might think combining a social component with your company intranet is a bad idea, but think again. Features like enterprise social networking, wikis, blogs and online chat can all be leveraged as business tools to get more work accomplished and propel your business forward. 

In fact, sixty percent of employees say that social networking tools at work make them view their employers as innovative and believe that these tools help improve collaboration.

So let’s look at some of the practical and tangible ways a social intranet can improve things around your office – and why you shouldn’t delay implementing one. 

  1. Increases Engagement

Social intranets are based on the idea of bringing every employee in an organization (or on a team) onto the same platform and giving everyone insight into – and a voice on – projects across the company. In these ways, a social intranet increases engagement levels among employees by giving them a sense of community and helping them feel more invested in and in-the-know about company happenings. 

Why does all this matter? Well, it’s been found that more engaged employees are better for overall company health and growth. Sounds like a win-win to us! 

  1. Promotes Cross-team Collaboration

Another advantage of performing all of your work on a social intranet is that it makes cross-team collaboration a breeze. Everyone knows the pains and pitfalls of trying to collaborate with other departments and teams on the same project. 

Getting simple feedback or just finalizing a document can become a long, draw-out process. A social intranet unites all teams on a common platform and gives them the tools they need to make online collaboration effective. The more teams can successfully collaborate, the more likely they are to innovate and impact business growth

  1. Improves Document Collaboration

Along the lines of improving cross-team collaboration, a social intranet also makes collaborating on documents easy and pain-free. Instead of circulating various versions via email and having to download, save and resend countless times just to get feedback and comments, a social intranet enables users to edit and comment in real-time on documents and files that are native to the platform. This ensures everyone is on the same page (literally and figuratively) and eliminates confusion around version control and complex changes. 

  1. Makes Everyone’s Days More Efficient

It’s estimated that the average employee wastes about four hours a week at work looking searching for information that they never end up finding. A social intranet’s powerful search nips this problem in the bud and makes it easy for knowledge workers to find whatever they’re looking for by keeping all company information on one platform. When everything is consolidated all in one place that can easily be accessed any time and anywhere, you save employees the headache of having to dig through old emails or files to find what they’re looking for. 

  1. Stimulates Innovation

Our last – and possibly favorite – benefit of a social intranet is that it encourages and enables more innovation in your organization. By bringing your company’s collective braintrust onto one centralized, information-sharing platform, you increase opportunities for associative brainstorming. Plus, the more your employees know about the company as a whole, the better problem solvers they can become. With the majority of CEOs saying that innovation is the most important factor for growth, you’d be wise to invest in a platform that helps encourage it! 

These social intranet benefits by no means comprise an exhaustive list, but they represent just a few of the most important ways this platform can positively impact your business. 

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