The Simple Tweak to Your New Hire Onboarding That Can Increase Loyalty and Productivity

Employees-gatherround.jpgWhile a new hire might have wowed you with a great first impression during their interview, the onboarding process is an employer’s chance to woo new employees and set a good foundation for them.

A good onboarding process will improve company culture, help you retain intellectual property (IP), waste less time and resources as new employees get up to speed and increase loyalty. All of these factor into cost savings and can give your business a competitive advantage over others who find themselves wasting time and resources with long ramp up times or high turnover.


Unfortunately, most organizations’ onboarding processes are dull, outdated and leave new hires wondering if they chose a company that’s the right cultural fit for them. Onboarding processes need to put a company’s best foot forward and make new hires feel welcomed, empowered to contribute from the get-go and excited to be working at your organization.

Thankfully, there’s one simple tweak that you can make to your onboarding process that can deliver all of these benefits. Incorporating a social intranet solves a number of organizations’ issues with welcoming new hires – and keeps bringing benefits long after the onboarding process is done. Its social UX is appealing to the rapidly growing Millennial workforce demographic, and it enables companies to create community, foster loyalty and more efficiently and rapidly get hires up to speed.

Read on for specific ways a social intranet can improve your onboarding process as well as long-term business outcomes.

Create a Great Corporate Culture From the Start

Corporate culture can significantly affect an employee’s decision to stay with an employer. Your organization’s onboarding process is one of the first impressions new hires will have of how your company truly operates (interviews are like first dates and don’t really count).

If you botch the opportunity to make employees feel engaged, valued and welcome from the start, that impression will stick with them and might have them rethinking their decision to join your team. A social intranet is inclusive, empowering and signifies that your company is up-to-date with new technologies and workplace trends. On the flipside, an outdated onboarding process conveys to employees that giving them a good training experience is low on your priority list.

Increase Employee Loyalty

In fact, companies with a questionable or harmful culture have about 34.5% higher turnover rates than those with good cultures. Millennials are a particularly disloyal group with average job tenures of just two years.

Employee-gone.jpgIt’s been found that a good onboarding process may help prevent early turnover for as many as 1 in 4 new hires. Knowing that organizations end up spending an average of $11,000 in fees and lost productivity to fill vacancies, it might be worth revisiting your onboarding process to ensure it’s setting the right tone for new hires and cultivating loyalty.

Empower New Hires to be Contributing Team Members

You might not see the positive impacts of loyal, satisfied employees or a great corporate work culture for a few years. This third benefit of social intranets in your onboarding process, on the other hand, is immediate and tangible. A lot of times new hires take weeks or even months to adjust to their new role and become contributing team members without an effective onboarding practice. This is sometimes due to background materials not being easily accessible, new employees not knowing where to look for information or IP that becomes lost in the transition between employees.

picard.jpgAll of these things can render a new employee completely reliant on other team members and out of the loop. A social intranet fixes this problem by providing a single point of access for important corporate materials. It also enables new employees to identify subject matter experts to go to with questions on a particular topic. And perhaps most importantly, a social intranet provides an easy way for organizations to capture IP so when employees do leave, nothing they worked on or contributed to the company will be lost.

Adding a social intranet to your employee onboarding process is a simple trick that can reap a number of benefits for your organization. From ensuring that employees can immediately contribute to the team to communicating company values and increasing loyalty, the positives are immediate and long-lasting.

Take a deeper dive on the benefits of a social intranet in employee onboarding – download our whitepaper.