Top 4 HR Collaboration Tools to Make Onboarding Easier


As 1.86 million new undergraduates flood the job market this May, human resources (HR) professionals find themselves in a hiring paradise… and a paperwork and process nightmare.

This fresh talent pool comes with some unique challenges. Flexibility, transparency, a social work paradigm and collaboration in the workplace are vital for organizations looking to attract and retain these younger employees. Companies that are ill equipped will face difficulties finding the right talent, onboarding them effectively and retaining those employees you worked so hard to hire.

Fortunately, the rise of enterprise social collaboration has introduced some useful tools that human resources and hiring managers would be wise to adopt.

 1. File Sharing

Just hearing the phrase “human resources” might conjure up an image of a desk piled sky-high with paperwork. Keeping track of dozens of pieces of documentation per employee is a monumental task, and in the digital age, it’s time to put a stop to the avalanche of paper.

 Online file sharing, documentation and even collaboration can help HR professionals manage recruiting, onboarding and employee management much more efficiently. New employee paperwork, training documentation, company procedures, statements of work, past history of current projects – the possible files that can be stored and shared on an enterprise social collaboration platform are endless. Hiring managers can even share resumes and cover letters of hiring prospects without the need to bog down everyone’s emails with attachments. With everything stored in one central location and easily discoverable through intelligent search, collaborative file sharing makes things easy – and that pile of paper on your desk start to shrink!

 2. Wikis and Blogs

These are two hot tools in the collaboration space – and why shouldn’t HR departments be taking advantage of them? Wikis and blogs enable collaborative idea sharing across teams, departments and the entire organization. Anyone can contribute to or edit them, which creates a company culture of “everyone’s thoughts are welcome” – a great environment in which to foster innovation.

Wikis and blogs are also a great way for HR departments to share news with the departments they’re recruiting for, as well as provide general updates for the company as a whole.

Additionally, because wikis and blogs all live in a collaborative workspace and are searchable, they’re the perfect antidote to the high turnover rates that are to be expected with an increasingly millennial workforce. The average millennial worker stays, on average, with any given employer for two years, and when they leave, retaining intellectual property can be a challenge. With collaborative tools like wikis and blogs, companies can reduce their chances of losing valuable knowledge, ideas, background and work.

3. Video Conversations

Millenials have become so accustomed to online social interfaces in their personal lives, they expect the same in their work environments. HR departments can use instant messaging and video chats to ensure smooth onboarding and assimilation of new hires into your organization’s culture.

The ability to conduct training and check-in meetings via video also means you can perform them more frequently! Chatting more often helps breaking down communication barriers, which is vital to creating a true sense of “we” for new employees. As an added bonus, video conversations can help accommodate remote and distributed workforces, a trend that continues to grow.

4. Enterprise Social Networking

With the ability to instant message any employee, no matter where they’re located, an enterprise social networking tool creates an environment of “team togetherness.” This brings distributed teams together to reinforce corporate culture, and the ease of sending an instant message not only fosters increased productivity, but camaraderie as well. Creating a sense of belonging is key to helping new team members assimilate quickly to a company. And with so many Millenials joining the workforce, it’s becoming increasingly expected that workplaces and processes will be social in nature.

These are just some of the great collaboration tools that can help HR and hiring managers better manage and streamline their recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes. The list can seem daunting but fortunately there are enterprise social collaboration platforms out there, like Incentive, that offer all of these features and more in one consolidated platform. They eliminate the need for multiple passwords, browser tabs and invoices, but still provide everything you need, all-in-one place for an affordable price.

As each graduation season passes and more Millenials enter the workforce, now is the perfect time to take a look at your current HR processes and reevaluate. Wake up from the nightmare of hiring and onboarding new employees and see how an enterprise social collaboration platform can make the entire process a dream.