TL;DR? That’s Exactly Why You Need to Read This


In a business world where time is money, no one wants to feel poor. Unfortunately, it seems that when our day-to-day is filled with unlimited distractions and new possibilities, everyone is scrambling for more hours in the day.


The classic phrase, “I just don’t have time,” has become a carte blanche to excuse yourself from just about any unpleasant task – and people rarely argue with it because they’re pressed for time, too. In fact, a New York Times article reported that 40 percent of employees say they’re actually mean – yes, MEAN – at work because they don’t have time to be nice.

You’re busy; we get it. You might be so busy you’re about to give up on reading this article. But when workplace civility starts to suffer, we (managers especially) might want to start thinking about streamlining workflows to give employees their time – and manners – back.

Let’s cut to the chase. Trim away the chaff for your employees and home in on more efficient processes; otherwise your culture, workflows and results will never reach their full potential.

So, how can you help managers and employees make better use of their time and turn things around? Enterprise social collaboration platforms and social intranets offer a few promising solutions.

All-in-one Place Tools and Apps

We all know the drill. Check email through one app, make a video call on another, visit a browser tab for file sharing and a separate platform to instant message a colleague.

Employees are suffering from platform fatigue or what we like to call “cluttered workflows.” The average employee has 15 passwords to remember, an indicator that they’re shifting gears between platforms, apps and browser tabs all day long. And organizations are paying – a monthly fee for each app or platform adds up, not to mention the costs in worker productivity as they platform and task hop.

A social intranet brings your business apps and functions onto a single platform, under one login and infrastructure, saving time and money, and helping reclaim productivity.


Save Time in Your Search

Employees spend an average of 38 minutes looking for any one document. Talk about a time suck! Luckily, the leading enterprise social collaboration solutions are often built with powerful, intelligent search functions that instantly search all your files, blogs, instant messages and even comments on the platform for exactly what you need. When everything is housed under one roof, you save time in your search. 

Get Easy, Immediate Feedback

The quest across departments to get feedback and input can often seem like one of the more annoying time setbacks. Collaboration is great for business, but when done wrong, it can cost you time instead of benefiting your organization overall. Between playing phone tag to get answers or shuffling documents around via email for edits, it can take days to cross relatively simple projects off your to-do list.

When you throw enterprise social collaboration into the mix, you tackle this problem head-on. These platforms unite various departments and teams, making it easy to create groups or spaces for specific projects and receive immediate, real-time and collaborative feedback and ideas. Document sharing and editing makes commenting, submitting changes and version control a breeze, saving employees time – and maybe even convincing them collaborating can be a good thing. 

We hope you’ve made it this far to take away some tips and insights on how enterprise social collaboration and social intranets can help buy you back some time around the office. And here’s hoping our planet doesn’t go the way of Timberlake’s cheesy film where time really is money. 

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