Incentive 4 Is Here, and It Makes Document Collaboration Easier than Ever

It’s an exciting day at Incentive headquarters! We just launched Incentive 4, our new product version that makes document and file collaboration easier than ever. We’ve been working tirelessly to make this update the best version of Incentive yet, and we’re thrilled to finally share it with our users.

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Incentive Fall Edition 2015 Improves Real-time Collaboration

Summer has been very productive at Incentive, a reality reflected in the Incentive Fall Edition 2015 release, which delivers heaps of new features and functionality to your favorite social intranet platform.

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Latest Incentive Release Boasts Key Local Integrations, Updates and a New Desktop App

Have you heard? Incentive has released a new version. Allow us to present Incentive 3.8, which will kick your already efficient way of working (especially if you're an Incentive user!) up a notch. We're constantly thinking about how we can improve our platform to ensure that you and your business are equipped with the best possible tools to "Get Stuff Done, Together."

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No More Wayward Files - New Dropbox and Incentive Integration

Have you heard the news?  Incentive now integrates with Dropbox, a common file sharing app for both businesses and individuals. Today, more than 300 million people around the world use Dropbox to store and share files among friends, family and even co-workers.

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SharePoint Integration with Incentive: Seamless and Complete

We’re happy to announce the public beta program for Incentive’s seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint - which means that from now on you can find everything you need inside your organization, on a single socially powered collaboration platform, Incentive.

With the beta program, users will have access to the full functionality of SharePoint within Incentive. Our integration brings original SharePoint content into Incentive rather than mirroring folders or importing and copying content.

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Introducing Incentive Winter Edition 2015

What better way to celebrate 2015 than with the release of a new update of Incentive? Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce Incentive Winter Edition 2015.

Today’s launch of Incentive’s Winter Edition 2015 introduces a new release schedule here at Incentive. We plan to offer four major release a year, calling them Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn release.

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The Enterprise Social Network market is anything but quiet

Last week, an article on CMSwire explained that the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) market is dead - much thanks to giants like Microsoft and Facebook.

At Incentive, we don't agree with the premise that this market space, ESN, has been quiet - quite the contrary - and that what's being done by Microsoft and Facebook will kill any opportunity for other companies to play in this space.

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Get awards for your social intranet efforts

Implementing, building and deploying a successful social intranet is a hot topic. If you succeeded particularly well, others will want to know how you did and see the results.

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Microsoft Azure gets thumbs up from Europe’s Data Protection Authorities

Microsoft's service for enterprise clouds, Azure, has just recently gotten thumbs up from 28 of Europe's Data Protection Authorities.

What it means? It means that Microsoft Azure has met Europe's standard for privacy - and the same goes for services onboard.

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Incentive Weekend Highlights about Social Collaboration #2


Again, the weekend is coming soon - as usual we recommend 3 articles around social collaboration - this week we would like to share a checklist to help you benchmark your intranet and insights about employee engagement as well an overview of the digital workplace in 2014. 

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PRISM shows that some data really should stay behind you firewall

Last week delivered an unpleasant blow to all who work within IT, media and communication - the American intelligence agency, NSA (National Security Agency), may have been able to tap into servers of several Internet firms, the so called PRISM program, which was only confirmed through a leak from within the NSA itself.

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Why Incentive chose Los Angeles

In May 2013, Incentive went global and we established our very first office abroad - in Los Angeles.

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Incentive opens up in Los Angeles

Incentive is a Social Business software that is based in Sweden, Europe.

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Rickard Hansson talks Incentive on Microsoft Channel 9

Last week Incentive's CEO, Rickard Hansson, visited the U.S. and Microsoft's HQ in Redmond, Washington.

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Get a sneak peek of the new features in Incentive 2.7

Yes, we know - we said that Incentive 2.7 was not going to be launched until later this spring. But here at Incentive we love our work - and develop with passion, so Incentive 2.7 is actually here very, very soon.

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Are you at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona? So is our CEO, Rickard Hansson

Incentive - the social business software that let you own your own data - is now represented at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. CEO and founder, Rickard Hansson, will attend the conference from February 25-28 - and is open for meetings, interviews and demos.

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Coming releases of Incentive during 2013

Incentive was released in version 2.6 in November 2012, and this spring will contain a whole lot of different goodies for our dear Incentive-users.

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Incentive now available on Windows Azure

Incentive is a server software for real-time social collaboration with streams, wikis and blogs - which means that all data is safe and secure within you own server.

For those of you who want to use Incentive in a cloud environment, we can now offer Incentive on Windows Azure, Microsoft's highly esteemed cloud solution for big and small companies.

What do I need?

To install Incentive on Windows Azure you need an Azure account. Normally you get a 3 month free period to try out the functionality. Read more about Azure and the trial period at:

How much is Incentive?

Incentive is free for up to 3 users, which is default when you install it. For additional users - please see our pricing model. Support and upgrades for the first 12 months is included and after that optional.

Is that it?

Yes, that's it. Windows Azure offers a server environment in the cloud so that you do not have to install Incentive on your own server, if you don't want to.


1. Get a trial account on Windows Azure, or use your current account if you're already a customer.
2. Click "New website" and "From Gallery" and look for Incentive. Install it.

More information about Incentive:
More information about Windows Azure:

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Import your data from ScrewTurn Wiki to Incentive

ScrewTurn Wiki is a popular free wiki software, but is now discontinued. You should consider importing your data to another popular wiki software, such as Incentive.

In December 2012 we will release a free tool for importing data from ScrewTurn Wiki to Incentive. A tool that is easy to use directly from the installation of Incentive, or any time afterwards.

Please note that we do not alter your original ScrewTurn Wiki-installation in any way; it's still there - safe and sound. But as soon as you start using Incentive, we doubt that you will ever want to go back.

Sign up and be the first to know when ScrewTurn Wiki Import Tool for Incentive is available:

More information about Incentive:

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Incentive 2.5 is available for download - with a brand new license model

Incentive is now released in version 2.5, with a much upgraded user interface and more focus on instant communication with activity streams.

Incentive also introduces a brand new license model where you only pay for the exact amount of users, and not in levels - which is customary among the competition.

Download Incentive 2.5 at

Explore the flexible license model

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