Why Your Social Collaboration Vision is More Important than a Set of Required Features

Many social collaboration platforms contain lots of features. And most marketing material designed to sell those platforms often has a list of features lined up on top of each other. Potential customers can simply tick off their required features, compare how the vendors stack up against one another, and choose the platform with the most features that meet their needs.

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Collaboration and Communication: How a Social Work Environment Fosters Productivity

How many times has a great idea gotten lost or buried in the avalanche of communications between employees at your company? The truth is it's nearly impossible to know that number without browsing through endless blogs, emails, meeting notes and audio/video files of project and group gatherings. Yet this is often what team members find themselves doing in order to retrieve that next big idea from a previous meeting or correspondence. 

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The Compelling Reasons Your Organization Needs a Social Intranet – NOW!

If your organization isn’t using a social intranet yet, what are you waiting for?! Yeah, we’ve heard the age-old excuses that intranets are clunky, confusing, outdated and ineffective, but the fact is none of those reasons hold water any more. The new social intranet has so much to offer employees and companies looking to increase collaboration and productivity. 

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4 Signs Your Legacy Intranet Needs an Overhaul

Many companies think that simply having an intranet is the only step needed to ensure their teams and departments are working more collaboratively. However, the tricky thing about intranets is that leadership and higher-up decision makers are often clueless about whether or not their current intranet is popular among employees.

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Social Intranets are Impacting the Future of Work

If you’ve been in the workplace any length of time, you might have noticed that things around you are rapidly evolving. And we’re not just talking about desktop computers being replaced with laptops and tablets. From the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) a few years ago to the increasing presence of wearables in the workplace, work has changed.

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Incentive Fall Edition 2015 Improves Real-time Collaboration

Summer has been very productive at Incentive, a reality reflected in the Incentive Fall Edition 2015 release, which delivers heaps of new features and functionality to your favorite social intranet platform.

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Improving Social Intranet Adoption: Have A Clear Purpose and Goals

In our “Improving Social Intranet Adoption” series, we’ve been exploring the steps you can take to ensure your social intranet implementation is a success. Part of laying the groundwork for that success is establishing goals early in the process.

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How to Convince Your Boss You Need a New Social Intranet

Employees have long petitioned their bosses for new perks and improvements around the office. Weekly happy hours, flex hours and a better coffee selection might make the short list. But one of the most important changes you can lobby for at work is an improved company intranet that positively impacts your bottom line.

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Increasing Social Intranet Adoption: You Can’t Force Change

Surely no one reading this ever dug your heels as a child and flat out refused to do something simply because you were told to, did you? And no one would ever respond negatively to the line of reason “because I said so,” would they (we really need a sarcasm font)?

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Increasing Social Intranet Adoption: Accepting Failure as Part of the Learning Process

Implementing a social intranet is not a simple process. We’d love it to be as easy as installing an app and letting your employees loose on it. But a business tool that impacts change, increases productivity and positively changes how people collaborate and work together across teams, departments and the entire organization is bound to hit a hiccup or two during the adoption process.

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Increasing Social Intranet Adoption: Create a Plan for an Extended Rollout

Earlier this week, we talked about ensuring your social intranet is truly social – it’s one of our top 10 ways to improve social intranet adoption. Today’s tip in our “Improving Social Intranet Adoption and Collaboration” series focuses on the importance of an extended rollout plan. Taking the steps to think more strategically about implementation keeps users engaged and gives your social intranet the best chances of surviving – and thriving.

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Increasing Social Intranet Adoption: Pivoting and Managing Change

Have you been following our 10-part series on getting more out of your social intranet? If you missed the first couples of posts, don’t sweat it. You can check them out here and here.

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Increasing Social Intranet Adoption: Monitoring Hot & Cold Spots in User Engagement and Collaboration

Welcome to the second installment in our 10-part series on increasing social intranet adoption. If you missed the first blog on identifying and empowering social intranet “change champions” within your organization, you can find it here.

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Increasing Social Intranet Adoption: The Importance of Identifying Key Stakeholders and Advocates

Anyone who’s ever tried to make changes within an office can tell you that it’s no easy feat. Employees are often resistant to change how they work – even when it can make them more efficient and effective.

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The bright future of Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration is not just a fancy thing; one might even claim that it's not fancy at all - video's been around the Internet for many years and so has collaboration. 

The thing, however, is that video conferencing and all other professional video services have so far been to difficult to both setup and use. Still - correctly used - video is a very powerful tool for internal communication that can uncover hidden talents and business opportunities we would not have been able to spot otherwise.

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Los Angeles is the most interesting tech startup region

Since we moved Incentive to the US we have constantly been asked - why Los Angeles? We gave a brief answer in this blog in May 2013 and another more lengthy one in December.

Today, we can look back upon our choice as a very wise one. Several industry experts have since praised the so called SoCal-area as being one of the most interesting tech startup region in the US, and even among the top in the world.

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Social Intranet Readiness Checklist #6 - Would you benefit from a Google of your own?

Earlier this spring, we published a Social Intranet Readiness Checklist that you can apply on your own organization to check whether you are likely to benefit greatly from a social intranet or not.

If you've answered 'yes' to at least one of the six questions, your organization is probably ready for a social intranet solution. If you collected more than just one 'yes', you should definitely look for a social intranet solution as soon as possible.

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Weekend highlights about Social Collaboration

Again, the weekend is coming soon - as usual we recommend 3 articles around social collaboration - this week we would like to share articles about disruption, change and meaning of design. 

1. 3 Unexpected Hacks on Common Collaboration Tools

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7 Things Great Employers Do (That You Can Too)

Why are some employees more excited about their jobs than others?

Determining why some employees are more excited to go to work every day is one of the great mysteries facing HR departments. This is often explored in HR articles, and sometimes even finds its way to the regular news section. Many give a coach-related speech about how you can change your view of your workplace.

But now a study concludes that it's more often the workplace itself that matters.

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Can 28 nations collaborate (privately) online?

This July, we made public that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has selected our private social intranet to improve collaboration, communication and productivity for its global employees. To start, Incentive will be used by close to 1 500 NATO employees around the globe, with plans to expand it reaching up to 10 000 staff.

The reaction to this news has been outstanding and affirms that organizations from all industries recognized the importance of centralized social intranet that's private and secure.

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Five simple tips for good internal communication

Content is king

Start with a social intranet implementation, then add useful content. If the content is useful - you will automatically improve your internal communication skills; just by facilitating relevant content at the terms of your colleagues. 

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Struggling with a Social Intranet User Guide?

Before rolling out your social intranet you need to prepare a social intranet user guide or policy for approval by management. Where do you start? It's easier to just go with what you know and write all the don'ts... But is that really a good way to engage employees to contribute content on your social intranet? No. Write what they can do!

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Social Intranet Readiness Checklist #4 - Do you have a bad experience from intranets?

Earlier this spring, we published a Social Intranet Readiness Checklist that you can apply to your own organization to check whether you are likely to benefit greatly from a solid intranet or not.

If you've answered 'yes' to at least one of the six questions, you should begin looking for a social intranet solution. If you have more than one 'yes', you should get a social intranet running as soon as possible.

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Are you able to work when the intranet is down?

What if the intranet where you work goes down? Will you still be able to work? Will you be able to manage your daily chores? Can you find what you need when you need it?

Perhaps you can. And perhaps you might even believe that is a strength, but in reality it's not. It just means that your intranet sucks.

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Let's send your last internal email

Most organizations feel overwhelmed by the amount of internal email messages that flood the inbox every day; messages that to some extent should be important but risk being nothing but time-consuming and annoying.

We do tend to get a good dose of spam every day too - and invitations and newsletters and the such; but most time-consuming of all e-mail messages are those you receive from your fellow coworkers. Not because they're not important - but because its contents might not be relevant to you, but you stll receive it. And the reply. And the reply after that. And the thread gets longer and longer - and still does not concern you.

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