Overcoming the communication bottleneck

How many times have you walked away from a team meeting thinking everyone was agreement on action items, but as it came time to execute, it seems some things got lost in the shuffle.

These dropped balls can stem from having meeting notes in different platforms and a lack of access to them. In some cases, no one takes notes at all.

It can be difficult to communicate effectively with your team even when you don’t have to worry about staying aligned across a variety of platforms.

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7 Simple Steps to Improving Your Team Communication System









Evaluating the state of your team communications system

Effective communication tools are critical to successfully competing businesses, regardless of team size. In large businesses, teams need to effectively communicate together and with other teams. In smaller businesses, with each employee fulfilling several roles, efficiently organizing and sharing ideas and tasks are, arguably, even more important because one misinformed person affects several areas of the business.

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