Transparency: What Your Employees Don’t Know CAN Hurt Them


A recent study revealed some interesting findings about transparency within organizations. Did you know that:

  • Transparency is the number one factor contributing to employee happiness and engagement…
  • …But only 42% of employees know their organization’s vision, mission and cultural values?

In light of these findings, it would behoove companies to identify ways to improve transparency and communication to – and among – employees.

Implementing a social intranet is a great place to start. This all-in-one, socially powered and collaboration-focused platform unites an entire organization’s employees in one centralized location, making everything more accessible, shareable and…transparent!


Here are some ways that enterprise social collaboration can help increase transparency and, in turn, benefit and boost your business.

Promoting Teamwork to Make the Dream Work

Enterprise social networks enable departments and teams to more easily share information and feedback, streamlining communications and decluttering workflows with the tools and functionality many use in their personal lives. Just think much faster personal communication is on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter than email, phone calls or even time-sucking in-person meetings.  When teams have all of the right information they need, they can better perform their jobs, more creatively and more efficiently.

More Knowledge Leads to Better Ideas

We’re not talking about knowledge of who won the latest round of So You Think You Can Dance or who was sent home on the Bachelor. When employees are equipped with more knowledge through greater transparency, they’re able to see problems in different ways and empowered to be the brains behind your company’s next big idea. Being more transparent means you’re fueling innovation by equipping yourself and your staff to think outside the box and see the whole picture.

Sharing Leads to Caring

Another important but less tangible result that a social intranet can facilitate is a caring workforce. Transparency can have a dramatic impact on an organization’s culture by making employees feel like they’re an integral part of the overall mission and vision. The more employees know that’s going on behind the scenes, the more invested and motivated they’ll be to perform and deliver great results. It’s a win-win all around.

Solve Problems Faster

When you have an issue at work that needs quick resolution, what’s your normal protocol? Email and wait for a response? Leave someone a voicemail? Visit your go-to person? With a social intranet, you have an army of subject matter experts at your fingertips, just a comment away. You can tag everyone in your company or only relevant people to quickly track down the information you need. Plus, sharing information in a transparent environment means everyone is better informed and can contribute to the solution if they have details that can help.


Transparency is vital to a motivated, innovative workforce and efficient workplace behavior, yet so many management teams and leaders play their cards too close to their chests. Company leadership needs to make sure transparency is a priority, too. If this seems like a scary undertaking, look into an enterprise social collaboration platform. We promise you won’t ever look back.

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