Why Incentive chose Los Angeles

In May 2013, Incentive went global and we established our very first office abroad - in Los Angeles.

Some ask us why we chose LA rather than any other city in the U.S. - many thought that we would go straight to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Well, we chose LA, and this is why:

First; LA is not Silicon Valley, and it shouldn't pretend to be. Whereas the entrepreneurial community in Silicon Valley is well respected, vibrant, and famous - the startup scene in Los Angeles has just begun. And here at Incentive we love just that; to be part of a new community from the early beginning, rather than something that has been going on for a while.

This is also why we love being an early part of the Windows Azure cloud hosting initiative, why we choose to launch our first mobile versions of Incentive to Windows 8 phone and tablets - and why we started developing a social business tool for enterprises as early as 2006 in the first place.

Secondly; our office in Los Angeles will be a part of a new accelerator, called InterspaceLA, which fits us like a glove.

Together with Prem Sundaram and Robert Hess we will build a small marketing and sales team and mainly focus on Los Angeles in 2013, and the rest of the US in the years that follow.

From the perspective of a Swedish software developer, we feel that Los Angeles growing startup community is just right for us.

So...Hey LA - here we come! :) More info about the new office follows.