Why video conversations are so important in social business software


With the latest release of Incentive 3.3 we introduce the amazing technology called WebRTC and a new feature called Video Conversations.

WebRTC allows us to run Video Conversations within Incentive with absolutely no plug-in or any other installations whatsoever. All you have to do is to click OK to give your web browser access to your camera and you're ready to go.

What is Video Conversations?

In a previous release, we introduced Conversations in Incentive. This is an opportunity to chat privately with one or many coworkers in a chat- or messaging-like environment. With Video Conversations we have added the opportunity to speak directly with each other through your computer's web camera.

How does it work?

This first version is very basic and only gives you the opportunity to see who's online and call them up. This version has no special features and will only let you talk 2 people at once, but in future versions we will add more people to each conversation and much more configuration possibilities.

Please note that Video Conversations right now is only working in Google Chrome.


How's this better than Skype or Lync?

Today companies are mainly using traditional VoIP services, such as Skype or Lync, that are either set up by third parties or that in some ways compromise complete privacy. With Incentive's Video Conversations you don't have to invest in new technology or hardware and users aren't required to learn or install a new software - you may all just launch Incentive in a browser and start video conversations immediately.

Video Conversations uses a peer-to-peer protocol and all data is encrypted and decrypted by each respective client - no central servers. It's all very easy to start and use - and very private.

What future features in Video Conversations may we expect?

Apart from the fact that we will develop all the features around calling, receiving and collaborating while talking in a Video Conversation - we are also developing a feature called Town Hall that allow you to record and broadcast a Video Message, such as a speech or anything else, and post it to people.

Future versions of Video Conversations will also examine the possibility to analyse the content of a video call so that it becomes searchable together with all other content in Incentive that is indexed and searchable.

When can I download this new Incentive 3.3?

Now. Get it here: http://www.incentivecorp.com/support/latest-release

Or try it out in our demo: http://www.incentivecorp.com/demo