4 Benefits of A Social, Collaborative Workplace

Simon and Garfunkel had it wrong – no man is an island. We need friendships and human connection for good health, enjoyment and even increased life expectancy

But too often, our social needs aren’t met at the office. We come in, make the donuts and leave. The line drawn between work and play leaves many employees feeling alone and isolated in a place where we spend the majority of our waking hours. 


While getting stuff done is our ultimate goal, socializing and friendships in the workplace bring both personal and business benefits. Simple things like work happy hours, team bonding experiences and or even technology like a social intranet that encourages collaboration can put your office on a healthier and happier path. Research has even shown that employees who have friends at work are 50% more satisfied

So what are you waiting for? Read on for the additional benefits of being social at work via an enterprise collaboration platform. 

Create a Sense of Community

According to a survey from Officevibe, 74 percent of women and 58 percent of men said that camaraderie was so important that they would pass up a higher salary "if it meant not getting along" with their colleagues. Creating a sense of camaraderie with a social intranet that enables more opportunities for teams and departments to work together will help employees feel more understood and more engaged. This leads to team members who are more likely to speak up and offer suggestions – and could lead to your next big idea. 

Increase Productivity and Motivation

Isolation and feeling disconnected can zap your motivation and productivity like nobody’s business. Social connections at the office make work more bearable and can actually provide the impetus needed to deliver on those deadlines. A Harvard study even found that people with friends at work are 40% more likely to receive promotions. Now go find that work BFF

Encourage Collaboration Among Friends

Collaboration can only take place when employees are willing to speak up and speak truthfully. Innovation and collaboration go hand-in-hand, and they thrive in environments where people have the confidence to make suggestions and dream big. Establishing social connections at work makes this process a whole lot easier and more natural. Using a social intranet platform is an easy way to promote connections and collaboration and set everyone on the right path. 

Increase Loyalty to the Company

The Officevibe survey also found that 50% of employees who say they have a best friend at work also reported feeling a strong connection to their company. This could be due to the fact that workers with strong social connections at work are overall more satisfied and engaged, leading to an improved perception of their employer. Whatever the reason, the proof is in the pudding that creating a friendly and community-driven workplace is good for business.

Some might say that having friends at work is a “nice-to-have” or added job perk. In reality, it’s beneficial for everyone (both employers and employees), and companies should brainstorm ways they can cultivate an environment where people feel like friendships are encouraged at work.

Give Incentive a try for free to see how it can improve your employees’ relationships and collaborative spirits.

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